This one's for You OmarWhen we lift the covers from our feelings, we expose our insecure spots. Trust is as rare as devotion - Forgive us for our cynical thoughts. - RushYeah I know Minaya gate was 3 weeks ago but i found these lyrics kind of relevant . But anyway it is time for yet another edition of the rockingest Mets almanac that ever was - AND THAT WILL EVER BE !!!! it is time for " This Day In Mets Infamy With Rusty" so lets get started.First off Happy Birthday to original Mets pitcher "Oil & " Vinegar Bend Mizell (1930)Also another year older is pitcher from this miserable Jon " Doctor" Switzer (1979) These two pitchers have a odd connection - they both played for the Mets for less than half a season before being released or traded.Sadly on this date in 1972 George Weiss George Weiss , the original Mets G.M passed away. It was his idea to stock the early Mets teams with faded stars from the Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Giants and the New York Yankees along with a few scrapheap fringe players to play for the then expansion team New York Mets,and he also had the foresight to hire Casey Stengel to pilot that team which in turn fielded some of the worst ballteams ever but yet won the heart of many a New Yorker.New York Mets released utilityman and pinch hitting specialist José "Ole" Cardenal on August 13, 1980.And lastly Mo Vaughn's favorite hobby is needlepoint