Good morning guys. After seeing David Wright getting clocked yesterday afternoon it made me think I guess nothing drives home the reality of mortality than seeing a human being layed out motionless on the ground and knowing there is nothing you personally can do about it . Anyway it's time for " This Day In Mets Infamy With Rusty" and a word for David - Don't rush back to soon - we need you healthy  mentally and physically.First off Happy Birthday to original Mets outfielder - the late Gene Woodling (1922)Birthday wishes also go out to the first baseman of the putrid teams of the late '70's and early '80's -Mike " Jorgy" Jorgensen (1948)Rick " Greg Maddux Jr" Reed turns 43 today (1965) I still feel he was our ace in the hole in that late '90's early '00's rotation.And speedy outfielder and all around headcase - Roger Cedeño turns 35 (1974) ( remember when Steve Phillips resigned him for that ridiculous contract in '03 ?!? his skills had eroded so much that he was relegated to a bench role midway through his contract !New York Mets sold pitcher Gerry Arrigo to the Cincinnati Reds on August 16, 1966.New York Mets signed free agent José "José! José! José !" Reyes on August 16, 1999. - When I read this I thought to myself " Damn he's been in the organization for 10 years?!?On this date in 2002 the New York Mets traded Mark " Chicken" Little to the Arizona Diamondbacks for P.J. " Butthead" Bevis .And Mo Vaughn and his bride to be - Sherri Sheppherd have reserved   The Popeye's flagship location in New Orleans for their wedding reception.Get Well David you are in our thoughts here at the Real Dirty Mets Blog