Step by step,heart to heartleft right left,we all fall down like toy soldiers - MartikaSorry guys I had to break out the cheesy '80's song reference but in light of our players ( and our hopes) dropping like flies it seems apropos. Well With that being said, it is time for your daily dose of mostly negative Mets history with the latest edition of " This Day In Mets Infamy With Rusty" .Celebrating a birthday today is John Stearns favorite back up reserve catcher - Alex " I can't hit my own weight" Treviño (1957). The best thing I can say about Alex is he had one of those '70's porn mustaches - but it wasn't as nice as Keith Hernandez'salso another year older is middle reliever from the late '90's Ricky " Phillie Scum" Bottalico (1969) .And before I leave you today, I had some observations on last nights game with the Florida Marlins, First off although Daniel Murphy has handled himself adequately at first base I now feel his future is as ether a DH or a bench player because it seems he doesn't have the instincts to be a everyday first baseman ( also I read on  MLBTR that the Kansas City Royals may not tender Mark Jacobs a contract). The other thing that I noticed - and I have seen this a few times since he was traded back to the Mets. Anderson Hernandez defensive play has been shoddy at best. I have seen routine ground balls that even Bob Bailor could have handled skip by him into the outfield for base hits . I mean ANDERSON ATLEAST MAKE IT LOOK LIKE YOU CARE !!!