Good Afternoon my fellow Mets fans. Im sorry that I couldn't write my usual column yesterday, because I had a medical emergeny with my dog ( she's okay now) So without further ado   here is " This Day In Mets Infamy With Rusty"First off Happy Birthday to the former farmhand who helped us land Tim Teufel in '86 - Bill Latham (1960)Also celebrating his forty-ninth today is former outfield prospect ( that never lived up to the hype) Rusty Tilman (1960)Sadly on this date in 2001  ,   Dick Selma passed away. Dick Selma was a veteran of those god awful teams mid '60's and was traded away after the '68 season. He pitched until 1974.And in my own opinion here on whether Fred Wilpon should sell the team - I say no because as the old saying goes - " it's better to know the devil you know   rather the devil you don't" - because with our luck he would see the team to The Dolans and Cablevision !!!