Well It is Labor Day Monday , the unofficial end to summer. But we Mets fans know better !! The summer ended on a hot day in late June when Carlos Beltranwent on the disabled list with a bone bruise the size of Mr. Mets head !! But alas a great man once said " it is what it is" and now we look forward to seeing Guys like Josh Tholetrying to make his mark on this disheveled roster, and seeing the aforementioned Beltran coming out to play tomorrow night with a possible U.S.S John Maine sighting next week. Well with that being said, It is time for the column that makes both the Democrats and Republicans quiver like little school girls - it is time for " This Day In Mets Infamy With Rusty"Happy Birthday to one of the best pitching coaches we have ever had Dave Wallace . (1947) Have you ever noticed that he looks like a grown up version of Millhouse from the Simpsons !  Back up catcher from the '82 campaign -Rick "Toot" Sweet is 57  (1952)One of the few players that split time with both the Mets and the Yankees in a season - Darren Bragg   is the big 4 - 0 (1969)He was one third of generation K and later became one of the games most dominating relievers elsewhere - Jason "IZZY" Isringhausen is 37 (1972)Overall waste of space on the '07 team David Newhan is 36 today( 1973)Diamond in the rough reliver Brian Stokes is 30 ( 1979)Sadly on this date   outfielder Ken Boyer passed away in 1982 as did pitcher Hal Reniff in 2004New York Mets purchased pitcher  Galen Cisco  from the   Boston Red Sox on September 7, 1962.       The Cincinnatti Reds claimed Alex Trevino of the New York Mets on waivers on September 7, 1990. Alex had one of the best porn mustaches in all of baseball !New York Mets signed a Guillermo " BOO!" Mota as free agent on September 7, 1990.   He went on to bean Mike Piazza and help douse our play off hope in '06 - oh yeah he also tested positive for STEROIDS !!!New York Mets signed free agent and alleged first baseman of the future Jorge Toca on September 7, 1998. We all know how that turned out.Anyway enjoy the rest of   the holiday and if Mo Vaughn shows up - JUST GIVE HIM THE DAMNED FOOD !   He won't leave you alone until you do !!