Well last night was another ho-hum loss, but I did enjoy the patter of Keith and Ron ( or as I like to call them Jake and Ellwood Blues) . But Yo still need Gary Cohen to be the ego between Ron Darling's super ego and Keith's ID ( take that Freud !!!) The other thing that gave me a warm feeling was seeing the interview with Jose Reyes. It was good to see him pissed, and he looks to me as he will go into the 2010 campaign with a chip on his shoulder and a attitude that he has to prove his critics and fair weather fans   wrong. Okay enough of my rumblings and on with the infamy !!On this date in 1982 our New York Mets traded middle reliever Tom " This old" Hausman to the Atlanta Braves for middle reliever Carlos Diaz .Tom Hausman was one of my favorite Mets through the lean years that was the late '70's and early '80's, I can't put my finger on why that is but I am sure in twenty years there will be a kid who will say the same thing about Omir Santos ( who am I kidding!)New York Mets traded Steve LaRose and to the Houston Astros for Dan Schatzeder on September 10, 1990. If memory serves me right Schatzeder was a relief pitcher who was on par with the likes of Rich Rodriguez and Mel Rojas ( fanning the flames instead of extinguishing them).And in closing lets hope Bobby Parnell builds on last weeks performance with another win tonight.