You know I was watching some of the game last night ( yeah I'm a sadist) when the a quote from the movie " Mask" came to mind" Please make the pain go away !"Well to make a log story short - there are less than 10 games left until this cesspool of a season comes to a close - but alas the pain truly won't subside because we will be inundated by excuses from everyone from Fred & Jeff Wilpon, Omar " Dead Man Walking" Minaya, Jerry " UMMM eeRR " Manuel, to the bat boys ( all this while Mike "Fatty Fat Fat " Francessa takes joys in autopsying this team while his beloved Yankees make their way through the post season.)  Okay enough of my grumblings and on with the infamy !Happy Birthday to one of the most beloved Mets of the early '80's - Hubie Brooks (1956) Even though trading him for Gary Carter was the right move, I always wondered what a one - two punch he and Mookie Wilson could've packed on a great team ! Also I was deeply surprised, saddened & disappointed that he didn't show up for the Shea Goodbye closing ceremonies last September.Power hitting outfielder from the late '90's Bernard Gilkey turns 43 (1966) . He had that one great year in '97 then he crapped out and was sent packing soon thereafter.One observation before I go -Damn Citi Field looks like the ghost of Ebbets field with the lack of fans in those army seats. I always felt a positive vibe when I saw the orange , red & green seats at Shea - even during the lean years - it felt like .... home