Well after yesterdays game we can't say that we haven't seen it all now !! Can we? I just wonder if I was the only one that predicted the grand slam that K-ROD gave up to lose the game? Does it even matter anymore ??!!?? Okay so it is apparent that the Mets did everything in their power to keep Jose Reyes of the operating room table - makes you wonder if they ever do anything " proactive" - Nahhh to do something proactive would mean they wouldn't let half their roster play in the WBC !! No to be proactive would be have brand new inviting stadium that as soon as you walked into it you would know YOUR team played there !!! To be proactive would entailed firing your General Manager after he made the franchise of our favorite team look like the most incompetent boobs this side of the Dolan's ( okay okay we've known that the Wilpons have been incompetent since Fred originally vetoed the idea of trading for Piazza) To paraphrase Jack Nicholson's Joker in the first Batman movie - " This team is in need of a enema!!" SO OWNERSHIP SHOULD FLUSH THE G.M. AND HIS SCOUTING DEPARTMENT AND MOST OF THE COACHING STAFF DOWN THE ENVIORMENTALLY FRIENDLY TOILETS AT CITI FIELD !!!Okay and now for the infamyCelebrating Birthdays todayOnetime Mets outfielder who later on became a coach for the mother team - the late Chuck Hiller (1934) .Pitcher Buzz Capra turns 62 (1947)Starting pitcher Bob Myrick is 57 (1952)   - He was later traded to the Texas Rangers for pitcher Dock EllisBrooklyn's own Pete Falcone turns 56  (1953)   His cousin is none other than former Mets coach Joe Pignitano.One of baseballs most dominant closers from the '80's -Jeff Reardon is 54  (1955) To think we traded him away to the Montreal Expos for that piece of crap Ellis Valentine !One of our most reliable relief pitchers from '99 - Chuck McElroy is 42  (1967)Scrub pitcher who we traded Jay Payton for   - John Thompson is  36  (1973)Olympic medalist who barely could find the strike zone for us -Brandon Knight turns 34  (1975)New York Mets released outfielder Jim Gosger  on this day in   1974.Also on this date in 1974, New York Mets released pitcher Bob "Lefty' Miller  New York Mets released pitcher Jon Adkins on October 1, 2007.   Adkins was the other player we received in the Heath Bell / Royce Ring for Ben Johnson debacleAnd lastly   on this day in 2007 , The Mets granted free agency  to fireballer Lino UrdettaLastly to end on a positive note - AT LEAST WE ARE PLAYING GAMES IN OCTOBER !!!  ( somebody PLEASE !!! kill me !! )