When the musics over - Turn out the lights - turn out the lights - The DoorsWell today my fellow Mets fans marks the last game of the '09 season ( good riddance). I was at Citi Field with Mrs. RustyJr, we finally had a Shake Shack burger ( recommended!) and we peered in at the Gary Keith and Ron Festivities by the bullpen entrance. It was a melancholy day and I found myself daydreaming about what could've been. But as my visions of dreams and futures past danced through my thick skull, I had a rude awakening ! Me and the aforementioned Mrs. tried to upgrade our seats along the third baseline but we were stopped by security ! They were apologetic but they were given instructions not to let anyone sit in a unauthorized seat !! I MEAN COME ON !! Yesterday there was in my estimation less than 12,000 fans in attendance ( it kinda looked like 1979 all over again but with Jackie Robinson shrine !!) We left during the the rain delay. Thankfully we didn't stay for the two and a half hours before play resumed ( why they didn't call the game since neither team has post season aspirations at this juncture of the season is beyond me ), but I later found out that the remaining 500 fans that stayed were allowed to upgrade their seats !!! C'mon Fred & Jeff we sat through a putrid season and we couldn't for one stinkin day be allowed to sit where the hoity toity sit !! Unfriggin Believeable!!! Oh yeah nice tribute from the players to the fans about supporting them this season on the television screens !! (The new Jose Reyes chant we heard in our section was - JOSE JOSEE JOSE JOSE - CAN'T PLAYYYY CAN'T PLAYYYY ( amusing but still it got me sick to my stomach)Anyway here comes the Infamy !!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to one of the best   ( and underrated ) set up men we have ever had - Dennis Cook (1962)Sadly on this date in 1975, The mother and majority owner of the Mets -Joan Payson passed away. My father met here a bunch of times and he said she was a class act . It is also to be said that after her death the Mets slid into the dark abyss of baseball obscurity For Her Daughter along with team President M. Donald Grant gutted the team making a once proud franchise into a laughing stockNew York Mets released utility player , Chico Walker on October 4, 1993.New York Mets released outfielder Ced Landrum on October 4, 1993.the Mets granted ex Yankee scum Ricky Ledee free agencyon October 4, 2007.On a final not , guys i know its been a dark time and at the reports we read say it might get even uglier all I can say is that I am a Mets Fan and I have to hold out hope that they will get this boat righted for the 2010 season - GO JETS !!! AND GO TWINS !! Oh , AND GO TO HELL YANKEES & PHILLIES !!!