Here's to the losers/ the substance abusersTo all the rejects / To all the imperfectsWarrior SoulYes here's to our team the 2009 New York Mets, a team that proves that even though you have the highest payroll in the National League, it doesn't guarantee a winning record. With that being said I would like to congratulate former Met Carlos Gomez and the Minnesota Twins on clinching the A.L Central Division title from the Detroit Tigers - They showed us guts they showed us perseverance and a " never say die" attitude that was sorely missing from the last game of both the '07 & '08 seasons where we could only muster up a combined four runs against the then lowly Marlins. Okay and now with the INFAMY !!Happy Birthday to an original Met from '62 ( even though he was a late season call up - outfielder Sammy Drake (1934) We had obtained Drake from the Chicago Cubs organization during the expansion draft of '61 - He was released after the '62 season and was never played professionally again.Also celebrating yet another year on this Earth is none other than utility outfielder and pinch hitting specialist from the '79-'80 team -José Cardenal (1943) As we all know after retirement he became Joe Torre's bench coach during the late '90's for our cross town rival New York Yankees.On a final note today I can't help but to feel numb about all this - it feels strange - yes I am a Mets fan for thirty seven years and yes I am used to losing seasons . But this feels different. The past two seasons my heart was ripped out on the final day of the season - first with blow out - ( thanks again Tom Glavine!!) and then again last year where we were winning up until the bullpen ( yet again) imploded . This year it was obvious by late June that unless a major trade was made or the calvary came stampeding back that this season was lost and I guess even though I cheered hard and passionately I was just fooling myself . And as you my readers noticed in my columns that I went from Pollyanna to being a pessimistic realist. And honestly after listening to Omar & Jeff on sitcom that is "Francessa's Always Right " I wish I could say I'm optimistic but I have heard the same horse hockey from from upper management before .But I will always support my team through the good times and the bad ( I can't ever see my self rooting passionately for another team) So as the book on 2009 closes lets hope a more positive one will be written for 2010 ( the year we make contact with the trophy?)