This is the price we gotta play / and all the games we gotta play/ It makes me wonder if it's even worth to carry on."The Price" by Twisted SisterYes my fellow Mets fans this is the price we have to pay by not reaching the post season! We have sit around meekly as all the Skankee fans out there celebrate sweeping The Minnesota Twins and declaring it is their manifest destiny to be the last one standing on the apex , and being crowned the Kings Of The Mountain of Major League Baseball. All this while we now root for Somebody - ANYBODY !! to beat the Yankees ( except the Phillies that is ) and debate amongst ourselves for who or whom Paris ( oops I meant Jeff) Wilpon will open up the Sterling Equities vault for and allow Omar to sign. But as the song goes " It's a game we're gonna lose, though it's our life we gotta choose... " and we have chosen The Mets as our team and we have to roll with the punches like we have through most of our lives. Now on with the INFAMY !! ( Oh yeah there are only 175 days until the Mets open the 2010 season against Florida at Citi Field.)Happy Birthday wishes go out to Sid " EL SSSSID" Fernandez (1962) Sid was the most overlooked pitcher from that dominant pitching staff of the '80's and when he had his curve ball going - there was no stopping him !! It also killed me When Steinbrenner coaxed him out of retirement for a ill fated comeback attempt to tweak the Mets like he did with Darryl And Doc before him.Second Baseman of the '06 team José Valentin is 40 (1969) In my opinion Valentin was the Ray Knight of that team ! He showed fire he didn't take crap from anyone and he helped tutor the younger players such as Jose Reyes and his leadership is greatly missed now.Sadly on this date in '89 the much maligned Joe Foy passed away. He will always be known as the the player we got in return for Amos Otis, And while Otis went on to have a stellar career   for the Kansas City   Royals   Foy was benched midway through the season and was gone entirely by '71. It is said that his battles with substance abuse punched his ticket out of town.On this date in 1981,   The New York Mets released pitcher Mike MarshallNew York Mets claimed utility infielder Desi Relaford on waivers from the San Diego Padres on October 12, 2000.Well guys lets hope the Colorado Rockies can get their asses in gear and pull an upset against the Phillies   Cuz I don't want   a Yanks/ Phils World Series this year !!