Well   so  I just woke up and read my e mails and what did I see ? 2 Emails from Stub Hub. One read :Dear Mr. Rustyjr , there is still time to get your playoff/ World Series tickets from us ( I am paraphrasing here mind you ).  The second e-mail was more on the lines of : Dear loser... We are sorry that your team blew chunks this season and that we accidentally sent you a email that was meant for a deserving Yankees fan. We apologize for any inconvenience we might have caused you ( snicker snicker ) during your long , cold off season. Sincerely , your lords and Masters here at Stub Hub.Okay so now that I am am really steamed about the Philthies winning last night and getting this condecending message from Stub Hub I feel it's the right time for some INFAMY !!!Happy Birthday Wishes go out to both Bobby Valentine and Art Howe's bench Coach - Bobby Floyd (1943)All bow down for it is Keith " Mex" Hernandezs' 56th Birthday !! (1953) Please resign with SNY Keith !!! We need your insights and opinions on the Shake Shack and your Mexisms along with your keen baseball mind and oft color analysis.Ironically the spare part in the Keith Hernandez for Neil Allen trade - pitcher Rick Ownbey , is 52 (1957) Rick Ownby was to my recollection was alot like Mike Scott, He had a good fastball but he didn't know how to use it. Whereas later on Mike Scott was able to evolve as a pitcher ( oh he also doctored the ball!!) Ownby never quite caught on in two partial seasons with the St Louis Cardinals.Pitcher from the '94 season - New Yorks own - Jonathan Hurst is 43 (1966) .Sadly on this date two Mets coaches passed away . First was coach of the '64 team and once was a decent pitcher for the Cleveland Indians - Mel Harder in 2002and bench coach from the '90'S - Chuck Hiller in 2004.New York Mets traded pitcher Al Jackson and outfielder Charley Smith to the St. Louis Cardinals for infielder Ken Boyer on October 20, 1965.New York Mets sold pitcher Larry Bearnarth to the Milwaukee Brewers on October 20, 1970.New York Mets sold pitcher Ron Taylor to the Montreal Expos on October 20, 1971.Okay so lets think some happy thoughts ..... Mo Vaughn is not a Met, Brian Schneider will no longer be a Met ! And Opening Day is only 167 days away !!!