"I guess I have just entered the sixth circle of Hell !"SLAYER - HELL AWAITSThat's the first thing that came to mind when I woke up this morning and turned on the television only to find to my grand ambivalence that the Philadelphia Philthies had clinched the NLCS Crown , bringing them one step closer to something our Mets have never done - WINNING  TWO CONSECUTIVE WORLD SERIES!!! When you think about it either way us Mets fans will be getting free sun tans and piss warm Meister Brau when we enter the seventh circle of Hell , which is when either the Yankmees or the Philths win the World Series. Does it really matter at this point who wins? We will be equally screwed !!. Whether it is the arrogant nature of the Yankee fan or the cro-magnum grunting and car burning of the Phillie fan, we will be number one with a bullet on their hit lists of people they will gloat, tease and harass, while we curse Omar & the Wilpons on their lack of cohesive moves this past off season and dread the potentially bad outcome   when they  use band aids to try to stop the   internal bleeding when trying to upgrade the team this off season. Now on with the INFAMY !!Happy Birthday to blink and you missed him Met from last season . Pitcher Darren O'Day is 27 (1982) . He was our rule 5 draftee from the Angels, and he pitched his way into the bullpen during spring training ,where he was a little shaky in the first few weeks of the season. O'Day was then unceremoniously released by the Mets and he caught on with the Texas Rangers , here he pitched to a e.r.a of slightly over 2 coming out of their bullpen. It was a typical Omar move !New York Mets traded catcher Duffy Dyerto the Pittsburgh Pirates for outfielder Gene Clines on October 22, 1974.New York Mets released pitcher Dyar Miller on October 22,1981.All I can say is there are 165 days until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field., and... THANK GOODNESS I DON'T LIVE NEAR PHILLY !!!