Wow so November is finally upon us. It just feels so foreign to me to have the World Series end during the month of the turkeys !!! But hey in my opinion there are two turkeys in this World Series so I guess it is par for the course . Anyway .... Here comes the INFAMY !!!!    running turkey                Jimmy Rollins is that you?                                                                                                                          Happy Birthday to   the   utility infielder who was the minor player in the Nino Espinoza to the Philadelphia Phillies   for Richie" Gravedigger"  Hebner deal in '79 -   José Moreno ( 1959). Like   Hebner, Moreno played one season for the Mets until ultimately being traded along with John Pacella to the San Diego Padres for reliever Randy Jones ., The New York Mets traded relief pitcher   (the late)    Danny Frisella and starter Gary Gentry to the Atlanta Braves for second baseman Felix " The Cat" Millian and starter    George Stone on November 1, 1972. This ended up being one of the better trades the Mets made in the '70's because you got a slick fielder who could hit in Millian, and a underrated hard throwing pitcher in Stone . Stone was so good that Jerry Koosman still blames then manager Yogi Berra for not starting   Stone in Game six of the '73 World Series because Stone had pitched so well during the season and   deserved the start.Original Met - Ed "KRANE "  Kranepool was granted free agency on November 1, 1979. And soon afterwards retired. He played all 17 years for the Mets organization , he saw the good as well as the bad and as Kingman will tell you he was Joan Payson's daughter's boy toy The Mets granted Todd Zeile free agency on November 1, 2004. and he too subsequently retired. I admit I felt the Mets cheaped out when they signed him as their first baseman before the 2000 season started. I felt they should have retained John Olerud but the Mets were to cheap to match or one up the Seattle Mariners who re-signed him. But Zeile was better   average as a fielder and had some pop in his bat , that and the fact he helped get us into the 2000 World Series ( DAMN YOU TIMO !!!) .And remember there are only 157 more days until opening day against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field !