Good Morning my fellow Mets fans . As we all know this has a been a very painful post season - Hey whenever your two biggest enemies make it to the final round of the post season it can make ones life a extremely difficult. But I have been keeping myself very occupied - with such shows as the Monty Python 6 part documentary that was on IFC also episodes of Late Night With Craig Ferguson that are on my DVR. And yes I have also been watching the Food Network !!!! Yes I admit it - I'd rather see 4 cake chefs make Simpsons themed cakes than watching The Skankees and the Phuck Phaces in the World Series !! Although I did catch Chase Fucknutley's three run bomb on Sunday night. So yes you can call me a sore loser or you can say I am just an idiot ( you might have a point in both cases!) But i respond to this by quoting John Cleese's French Soldier character from the Monty Python and the Holy Grail .... " I fart in your general direction !!" With that being said , I have a feeling that this World Series is going to go Seven games. Pedro from what I have heard pitched extremely well over six of his seven innings in his previous start while Andy " God forgave me for taking HGH" Pettite looked rather average in his . I don't know who will win but like I've told many a Yankee fan I work for ( I'm surrounded by them !!) I AM SCREWED EITHER WAY !!!                                                                                                                                                                    rock and a hard place ...                                                                                                                                                            our situation as Mets fans    AND NOW ON WITH THE INFAMY !!!Happy Birthday to Mets pitcher from the '60's -Dick Selma (1943)One of our most over hyped and all around horrible outfielders - Ryan Thompson is 42 (1967) You may recall he was the player to be named later in the David Cone for Jeff Kent deal . Kent played well for us, but couldn't stand New York and the Media and Thompson could barely stay off the disabled list while Cone became one of the best hired gun pitchers who ever lived ( One can wonder what would have been if that trade was never made).Past his prime second baseman - Carlos Baerga turns 41 today (1968) . I remember when we traded for him I though he was going to put up the same numbers like he did with the Cleveland Indians, but unfortunately he was a tad bit better than Robbie Alomar and Carlos was gone from the Mets roster within two years .He was a outfielder for the Mets in '97 who played in 12 games - Carlos "who?"Mendoza (1974)  New York Mets traded ( future San Francisco Giants Manager) pitcher Roger Craig to the St. Louis Cardinals for George Altman and Bill Wakefield on November 4, 1963.Craig who was a known as a good relief pitcher before he came to the Mets and after he left them   was known for having the most loses for the Mets in the '62 season .New York Mets released pitcher Jack Aker on November 4, 1974. Akar would later on manage in the Mets minor league   system in the early '80'sGarry Templeton granted free agency on November 4, 1991. You know I forgot Templeton played for the Mets . I looked it up it reminded me that he was acquired for Tim Teufel in '91 .San Diego Padres signed outfielder, Chris Jones of the New York Mets as a free agent on November 4, 1996.And remember - there are only 152 more games until Opening Day at Citi Field Against the Florida Marlins !!