Hang on to your hopes, my friendThat's an easy thing to say, but if your hopes should pass awaySimply pretendThat you can build them againLook around, the grass is highThe fields are ripe, it's the springtime of my lifeAhhh, seasons change with the sceneryWeaving time in a tapestryWon't you stop and remember meBut look around, leaves are brown nowAnd the sky is a hazy shade of winter- Hazy Shade Of Winter,   By Simon & GarfunkelWell my friends the 2009 Base Ball season is officially over and now   come our Winter of (dis)content ( take it as you will if you are either an optimist or a Mets fan). This coming Monday starts the Gereral Managers Meetings in Chicago , where Omar will sit down with the other G.M's from the other teams to lay down the foundations for possible trades and hob knob with the various agents to get a feeling of   how much it will cost to obtain their services . Omar So let us just hope Omar Doesn't get fleeced in a trade that will send us a third string outfielder in the mold of lets say JEREMY REED for a prospect such as IKE DAVIS !!! ( think positive thoughts ! think positive thoughts ! - breathe in and out Rusty!) Okay I'm feel much better now.   So now on with the INFAMY !!!                                                                                                                                 ... Jerry Manuel and Omar Minaya                                                                                                                                   DUMB & DUMBER ?  First off today would have been first base man for the '66 Mets   - Dick Stuart"s 77th birthday.Reserve catcher for the '90 team - Orlando (Mercado is   48 ( 1961) .Utility player - Andy Tomberlin is 43 (1966).One time pitching   ace in training -   Glendon Rusch is 35 (1974) Glendon Rusch was a breath of fresh air when we obtained him from the Brewers   In the winter of '99. He surprised many coming out of that Spring Training by securing a spot in the starting rotation. He   never   did reach his potential and has become a journeyman pitcher , last pitching with the Colorado Rockies this past season.  Pitcher Kris Benson is 35 ( 1974). We obtained him from the   Pittsburgh Pirates during our faux playoff run in '04. ( DAMN I MISS ANNA !!)  Scrub reliever from '07   - Wille Collazo is   30 (1979)New York Mets signed free agent Rick Reed on November 7, 1995. He was the poor mans Greg Maddux and I was very disapointed when the Mets traded him in '01.The Florida Marlins signedMets  free agent  outfielder    Brian Daubach on November 7, 1996.And remember there are only 149 tediously slow more days until Opening Day when we host the Florida Marlins at Citi Field