Well today was the first day of the General Managers meetings and according to Joel Sherman, that weasel from the New York Post, is reporting that our personal whipping boy - Omar Minaya has told many of his industry friends that he desperately wants to add a run producing bat at either first base or left field. Sherman also reported that the sky is blue and the Earth is round... Am I coming across as hostile? Well when I hear the "SPORTS DOPE" - Mike Fatcesspool condescendingly announcing that the Yankees are going to go full bore after John Lackey I kinda get agita and go into a tourrettes like induced tirade !!scott mcknight wild weasel ...said that mike francessa ...New York Times Omar Minaya ...Joel Sherman             Mikey Fattyfat               Omar Minaya   - THE UNHOLY TRINITY?  Anyway " HERE COME THE INFAMY !!!"Happy Birthday wishes go out to former Mets player, coach and head of scouting- The " White Rat " himself - Whitey Herzog (1931) . I admit he is better known for piloting the St Louis Cardinals , but he was one of the unsung heros that worked behind the scenes getting us to that World Series in '69.Hall of Fame pitcher and one time Mets coach - Bob Gibson is 74 (1935)Gene Dusan - A coach for the George Bamberger era Mets is 60 (1949)Reserve outfielder - Jon Nunnally is 38.(1971)New York Mets sold reliever Ed " The Hot Dog Vendor" Glynn to the Boston Red Sox on November 9, 1984.Colorado Rockies signed the "African American Rusty Staub " - Lenny Harris of the New York Mets as a free agent on November 9, 1998. Lenny was one of the best pinch hitting specialists we have ever had . And it was always funny seeing him try to leg out doubles.And remember , there are only 147 long , tediously slow and tumultuous more days until l the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.