Hey guys ! I know I am alittle late in writing this but I saw that '71 Mets Yearbook on SNY, and all I could say was WOW!! I do have foggy memories of seeing this film during rain delays back in the good old day when the Mets were broad casted on WWOR T.V on channel 9, but seeing this as an adult made me kind of reminiscent of that time. I was born in 1972 but as folklore has it , my first game was during the '73 World Series ( don't ask - I don't remember!) . The thing that struck me as odd was although I did know that Ken Singleton and Tim Foli played for the Mets, I didn't know they were primarily used as everyday players. And I knew Tim "CRAZY HORSE" Foli as a shortstop in his second go round with the Mets. It warmed my heart seeing Banner Day as well as Family Day, and the possibly forever banished Old Timers Game. I remember being at the old timers day game in '78 & 79 when the Mets old timers played the cast of Happy Days and if memory serves me right Happy Days won . In short I hope the Mets Front Office and the Wilpons will look at this industrial film and say " We owe it to our fans to make this organization truly fan friendly again and make the fans feel like they are part of our family" -But I wont hold my breath!                                                                                                                                                                   Mets Banner Day 1985                                                                                                                                                                   Banner Day 1984Anyway - ON WITH THE INFAMY !!!!Happy Birthday to the Met that could have been voted most likely to end up in a mental institution - Jimmy" Fear Strikes Out " Piersall (1929) . Piersall was not the most mentally sound person , and he suffered frequent panic attacks. But his stamp on the Mets will always be when he hit his 100th home run and ran the bases backwards. This infuriated manager Casey Stengel and he was released the next day.Pitcher for the '66 & '67 teams - Darrell Sutherland is 68(1941) .Reliever from the "05 team - Tim Hamulack is 33 (1976).Once and possibly future Met outfielder - Xavier "X-MAN "Nady IS 31 (1978) .Sadly on this date in 2004 Mets catcher from the '63 season -Jesse Gonder passed away.Sadly on this date in '89 , Our New York Mets released catcher Gary Carter .As bittersweet as it was , it was the right move to make since Carter hitting and fielding abilities had eroded to the point where he was not useful as an everyday player. He played a few more seasons with the Los Angeles Dodgers before calling it a career.Atlanta Braves signed utility infielder - Jorge Velandia of the New York Mets as a free agent on November 14, 2003.And remember - there are only 142 more excruciatingly more painful days until the Mets open the 2010 season against Florida at Citi Field!