Well yesterday was a rather quiet day in terms of hot stove action and rumors. But one of the more intriguing stories I happened to come across was that ex Cleveland Indians manager Eric Wedge was up for consideration as General Jerry's bench coach. So if either he or Bob Melvin get the job and the Mets get off to a extremely slow start - Then I think Jerry will have to take his Tommy gun and his eighty pitch hitting drills with him at his next gig in Cucomunga.  Eric Wedge Baseball Stats by ...Bob Melvin... not so much" to Ol' Razorwho will be the the one that Jerry will fear the most ?With that said - ON WITH THE INFAMY !!!First off - Happy Birthday to original Mets outfielder and one time Reds legend - Gus Bell (1928) . He was traded after 30 games to the Milwaukee Braves for the power hitting Frank Thomas.Former middle reliever for the '86 championship team and current bullpen coach - Randy "Nemo" Niemann is 54 (1955).Atlanta Braves signed outfielder Claudell Washington of the New York Mets as a free agent on November 15, 1980. I always loved Claudell's bat and his fielding was above average, so who could blame him when he bolted for free agency.Today is a truly infamous day in Mets Infamy . On this date in 2006 when our New York Mets traded Heath Bell and Royce Ring to the San Diego Padres for Ben Johnson and Jon Adkins .Royce Ring turned out to be a bust for the Padres, but Bell has since turned into a elite closer in the National League. While Ben Johnson and John Adkins are out of baseball entirely. For Shame Omar !!! FOR SHAME !!!Lastly - San Diego Padres signed outfielder , Chip Ambres of the New York Mets as a free agent on November 15, 2007.And don't forget ... There are 141 miserable more days until the Mets open the 2010 season against Florida Marlins at Citi Field