Well except for a few minor announcements and controversies ( bringing Wally Backman back into the fold, outrage from Arab groups about a pro Israel settlement fundraiser at Citi Field ) it appears that the hot stove has been rather dormant at the Mets offices thus far. But that is subject to change come 12:00 a.m. early Saturday morning when the 10 day exclusive signing period between free agents and their teams ends, and the off season starts to pick up like a ' 69  Dodge  Charger with a HEMI racing down the quarter mile drag strip. So who will the Mets obtain? Will it be the Angel's ace pitcher John Lackey? Will it be power bats Matt Holliday or Jason Bay? Is it possible we will partake in a blockbuster trade that will net us Roy "DOC" Halliday? Or will we end up acquiring second tier players such as Mark Cameron , Joel Pinero or Jason Marquis. Or will we settle for third rate players such as Jason Giambi, Ronnie Beliard , Bartlo Colon or Wily Mo Pena? We shall find out rather shortly if we will be pleased or repulsed with our off season acquisitions, but for now we have to have faith in Omar Minaya and hope against hope that he has both the cunningness,foresight and checkbook to bring a winning team back to Flushing.                                                                                                                                                 ... Rip Van Winkle / Rip Van                                                                                                                                                    " Wake me when the hot stove starts !"And now it is time for some INFAMY !!!Special birthday wishes go out the " The Franchise" - Tom Seaver (1944) . Tom is perhaps the best pitcher we have ever known to come out of our farm system. And he is the only true Hall of Famer be primarily linked to the Mets. I remember being there on opening Day in '83 when he marched out of that bullpen and made us fans remember how terrific he truly was.                                                                                                                         tom seaver                                                                                                      " Happy Birthday Tom Terrific!"Reserve infielder from the '06 team Eli Marrero is 36 (1973) .Pitcher for the '00 team - Jim Mann is 35 (1974) . He pitched 2 games for the Mets and had a E.R.A of over 10.00 - needless to say he was never seen in a Mets uniform again.Florida Marlins drafted utility man , Chris Donnels from the Mets on November 17, 1992.New York Mets signed free agent, and Brooklyn's own John Cangelosi on November 17, 1993.I remember thinking to myself during that lost summer of '93 " Damn this team is so bad we are rooting harder for our scrubs to succeed!"And for all of you fidgety Mets fans out there -just remember , there are only 139 more days until the Mets open the 2010 season against Florida Marlins at Citi Field