Well except for some reports of cosmetic changes being made to Citi Field , and Wally Backman's quote about rampant apathy amongst the Mets minor league players, there hasn't been much " hard news " trickling out from the Mets fall out shelter ( that would be located in the Wilpon / Katz seating area for all of you that can afford it !). I am just wondering why we haven't heard much rumblings in the way of potential trades, and I am getting a wee bit nervous when I keep hearing that our cross town nemesis - The Yankmees might have serious interest in either John Lackey or Roy Halliday. Yes I know that it is only speculation and they might not be interested in a big name ticket this year - but remember nobody saw their signing of Mark Teixeira coming either. So I don't mean to get paranoid here but follow my warped logic and tell me what you think. The Mets go in full bore on either Lackey or Halliday, the Yanks being the bullies that they are feel threatened that the Mets might steal their thunder both on the field and off decide that they have the budget to absorb either of their two contract demands , and pull the rug from under us leaving us to sign the likes of Joel Pinero or Randy Wolf ( or as I like to refer to it as Kevin Appier/ Steve Traschel part Duex). Think about it - just think about it - I am shuddering at the possibility.                                                                                                                                 ... next New York Yankee's Mgr                                                                                                       " Are they in on Lackey / Halliday?"With that said - ON WITH THE INFAMY !!!On this day in 1991, the Pittsburgh Pirates claimed outfielder, Terry McDaniel of the New York Mets on waivers .He played in all of 23 games for the Mets in '91 ending the season with a anemic .207 batting avaerage and a paltry two R.B.I's.Colorado Rockies signed thirdbase man and outfielder - Howard "HoJo" Johnson of the New York Mets as a free agent on November 19, 1993. It was a sad day for me as a older teenager because HoJo was one of the last links of that magical '86 season. And he more than adequately filled Ray Knight's shoes at third base while becoming one of the most feared power bats in the Mets line-up. He tried making a comeback with the Mets in '97 but retired during spring training. As we now know he is the the much loved or maligned - (depending how you feel) batting coach for the Mets.And don't forget - Mo Vaughn says "There be only 137 days until the Mets open the 2010 season against Florida Marlins at Citi Field." "Marlins?!? "Mmmmm I loves me some fish - especially fried fish or some gumbo - but not poached !"Mo Vaughn - stats photos ...mo-vaughn.jpg... Are Vaughn's Best Numbers" The many faces of Mo?"