So let me get this straight, from what I have been reading over the last few days - our beloved Mets might be considering filling left field via trade with either Jack Crust or Jose Guillen ?!?! All  I can say is - IF THIS IS THE CASE WHY BOTHER SENDING INVOICES TO US SEASON TICKET AND PARTIAL PLAN HOLDERS ?!? In all honesty this is probably the New York Media stirring the sh%t just to sell more papers and sending us remaining Mets fans into suicidal mode but then something occured to me. I began to think about the press release from Saturday about all the Metscentric changes that are being done to enhance Citi Field, and it occured to me - " Is this some kind of a smoke screen perpetrated by Mets ownership to deflect the lack of big moves that many of us Mets fans are craving? Is it possible that they feel a V.I.P entrance dedicated to Tom Seaver will make us not care that we didn't sign John Lackey or trade for Roy Halliday? Is it possible they think by painting the stairwells orange and blue that we would not want to see Matt Holliday or a Jason Bay in our teams colors ? Look I am not a big conspiracy theorist in any way shape or form, but you have to admit that this announcement in the middle of November kind of stinks of the good old bait and switch routine that this ownership group has pulled on us in the past ( remember Jeff Wilpon said on Fatcessa's show that Omar Minaya will have no money constraints and if wants a player they won't stand in the way of him obtaining that player) So instead of a stud pitcher we might take our chances on a Ben Sheets or Joel Pinero ( Kris Benson anyone?) and instead of a power bat in left field we might have a second tier or third tier stop gap ala Randy Winn or Pat Burrell ( shudder). But like I stated earlier this is just my gut instinct and I will follow my team no matter how poor of a team that our ownership fields ( see the abomination that was last season) - I will always be a passionate Mets fan !!                                                                                                                                                                     Sleight of Hand Winery ...                                                                                                                        " Is ownership deceiving us Mets fans?"And with that said - ON WITH THE INFAMY !!!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to spot starter/ long reliever from the '76- 77 team - Tom Hall (1947) .Middle reliever for that crappy '91 team - Rich Sauveur is 46 (1963) .One of the few player to ever start one game for the Mets - then vanish - outfielder , Ryan McGuire is 38 today (1971) .New York Mets purchased pitcher - Warren " Spahnie" Spahn from the Milwaukee Braves on November 23, 1964. It's funny, the legendary left hander Spahn was brought over as both a pitcher and a pitching coach but he went 4-12 with a E.R.A of over 4.00 on that god awful '65 team before being traded to the San Francisco Giants.Baltimore Orioles signed pitcher - Frank Seminara of the New York Mets as a free agent on November 23, 1994.Oakland Athletics signed reliever - Jeff Tam of the New York Mets as a free agent on November 23, 1999.And just remember - 133 awkwardly slow more days until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida   Marlins at Citi Field.                                                                                                                                                           New York Mets Coaches Watch                                                                                                                                                         "Is it time for opening day yet?"