Well Black Friday has come and gone, consumers got their three dollar toasters and two hundred dollar lap top computers from Best Buy. But were there customers breaking down the doors and trampling sales staff underfoot at the Mets store? Well according to an New York Times article written by Ken Belson " the Yankees Clubhouse on 42nd Street was still basking in the glow of the team's 27thWorld Series championship, was flooded with customers elbowing through racks of commemorative t- shirts, hats and jackets. Pedestrians stopped to snap photographs of the storefront. Two Blocks East , the Mets Clubhouse hosted a handful of passers-by who gazed at the rows of jerseys and sweatshirts , many 50% off. ( hat tip to Shannon Shark from www.themetspolice.com for the heads up.) Belson goes on to say that the store "seemed to be as quiet as Shea Stadium was after Carlos Beltran looked at Adam Wainwright's called third strike to end the 2006 season." I am sorry but this does not surprise me one bit. Of course the Yankees gear will be the hot seller of the two this season. What makes my blood boil is that the Mets are charging $ 266.99 for the new " retro" jerseys ! I mean come on I know the only reason why they added this new uniform was to increase revenue - don't believe the hype that this was because they wanted to pay homage to the '69 team - thats a load of horse hockey ! So while the Yanks are making money hand over fist in all areas of the Yankee merchandising machine , Old man Scrooge ( oops I meant Jeff and Fred WIlpon) will be saying that they had the second best offers when asked why they didn't bring a Lackey , a Holliday, or even a Cameron into the Mets fold for the 2010 season. I know it is still " early " in the hot stove season and there has been very minor movement so far but let me ask you this. Other than the reports of the Mets negotiating a new contract with Elmer Dessens , what other trade rumors or free agents have the we been linked to in the last week or so?  Bah Humbug Scrooge ...The Three Stooges" Poster ..." Fred Wilpon, Jeff Wilpon, Omar Minaya and Dave Howard hard at work?"Okay now on with the INFAMY !!!!Birthday wishes go out to one of the most potent bats in Mets history . Our current batting coach - Howard " HoJo" Johnson (1960)Also celebrating a birthday today in none other than the man who made the Mets viable again during the "05 season - Pedro "Petey" Martinez (1968) . I will always respect Pedro for being one of the best pitchers ever to grace this game , unfortunately he peaked in his first year of his four year contract wearing the orange and blue. AndI can't fault him for signing with the Phillies, but we all knew that he would be shelled by the Yankees in the World Series.Sadly on this date in 1962 Mets coach , Red Kress passed awayAlso sadly on this date in '94 , utility infielder from the Metsteams of the mid '60's- Charley Smith passed away.New York Mets purchased pitcher Al Luplow from the Cleveland Indians on November 29, 1965.New York Mets traded second baseman, Ron Hunt and outfielder, Jim Hickman to the Los Angeles Dodgers for outfielders Tommy Davis and Derrell Griffithon November 29, 1966. Tommy Davis would spend one year in a Mets unifor before being traded to the Chicago White Sox for future Mets stars, Tommie Agee and Al Weiss.New York Mets traded pitching prospect, Quilvio Verasto the Florida Marlins for outfielder Carl " Ain't no dinosaurs in the bible so they don't exist" Everett on November 29, 1994. As we all know Everett was a head case of Milton Bradley proportions, punching his ticket out of Flushing when his girlfriend was accused by a Mets nanny of abusing his children.San Francisco Giants signed Kenny Greer of the New York Mets as a free agent on November 29, 1994. Greer will forever be known as the player that we got in Frank Tannana to the Yankees deal.New York Mets signed free agent Billy Wagner of the Philadelphia Phillies on November 29, 2005. Wags was dominant that year and helped power us to the NLCS during the '06 season. Unfortunately elbow and shoulder problems plagued him during August of the '07 season, and he broke down again during the pennant stretch of the '08 season, having season ending Tommy John surgery. He pitched in two games this past September just to be traded to the Boston Red Sox for two mid level prospects. Good Luck wherever you land Billy - we loved your spirit and your unabashed speaking of your mind !And remember -   There is only 127 more depressing days until the Mets   open the 2010   season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.