Well so there was no high priced free agent under our tree this Christmas as there was in years past. And it made me think of what Peter " Red Sox Shill " Gammons had written yesterday. Saying , if the Mets are unable to land Bay , he doesn't see the Mets adding anyone else of a similar caliber. With their unwillingness to go over the luxury tax threshold, they are more likely to pocket the money to make a mid -season deal. I really don't know how much I stock I can put in Gammons but if this holds to be true and the Mets tank before the July 31st trade deadline , and the Mets don't even attempt to make a deal - then there are going to be plenty of irate Mets fans over here. This is the thing that I just don't understand through the '07- 09 season we have heard from the front office and ownership that they were putting money aside just in case they needed to make a major acquisition at the trade deadline, and for these same last couple of seasons we obtained a Luis Ayala , Jeff Francouer, a Anderson Hernandez and a Trot Nixon - not exactly high caliber , expensive talent that we were hoping for. So what is it are we a big market team that can throw it's money around ( wisely) or are we    in a small market mindset right now that tethers us to a solid dollar ceiling that we are not allowed to go over under any circumstance? The way that I see it withall the payroll that we shed this off season and with the minor adjustments in raises - we are around 35 million dollars under our total payroll last season. - To paraphrase Shakespeare's Hamlet " There is something rotten in Flushing - and it ain't the Shake Shack!!!"                                                                                                                                                                     The Official "How To Make ...                                                                        " Something tells me that the Mets front office sucks at gambling"And without further adieu - HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!!He was one of the key middle relievers for the '73 " Ya Gotta Believe !" Mets,compiling a 5-4 record with a E.R.A of 3.39 - Happy 69th Birthday Ray Sadecki (1940).Even though he will be most remembered as a New York Yankee, he was a coach for the Mets during the 2002 season- Happy 61 st Birthday Chris Chambliss (1948) .New York Mets signed free agent pitcher Scott Holman on December 26, 1979.New York Mets signed free agent utility infielder Jim Tatum on December 26, 1997.New York Mets signed free agent relief pitcher Pete Walker on December 26, 2000.And before have a slug of last nights eggnog -just  remember - There are just 100 painfully disappointing more days until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.