Good morning (although after last nights umpire botched game I don't see whats so good about it) to all you Mets fans out there. It's time for the early thursday edition of "This day in Mets infamy with Rusty" so suit up and lets PLAY BALL!!!"First off warmest birthday wishes go out to original met outfielder - and our first true power hitter - Frank Thomas (1929)Also celebrating a birthday is our wunderkind shortstop José " JOSE JOSE JOSE " Reyes (1983) - get healthy and get back soon we need you !!!On a sadder note on this date in 2007 bullpen coach for the mid 80's juggernaught team Vern "Hey Vern !" Hoscheit passed away - He was known for his saying " ok guys bus leaves in 10 minutes. Be on it or be under it !"New York Mets traded Tony " Yo Chico ! "Fernandez to the Toronto Blue Jays for Darrin Jackson on June 11, 1993. Fernandez was aquired via trade and it looked like a steal for us - but just like Robbie Alomar his skills eroded overnight - but once we traded him  back to the Blue Jays  those powers mysteriously reappeared - Darrin Jackson did a decent job for us but his tenure with the Mets wasn't destined to be a long oneNew York Mets released Paul Gibson on June 11, 1993. not much to say about him but c-ya !New York Mets signed free agent Danny "Goodnight Saigon"  Graves on June 11, 200o -   it seemed like a good move at the time - He was a good starting pitcher for the Reds but just like many mets pitchers before him   his mechanics   were just not there anymore.And now it's time for the Mo Vaughn fun fact of the day - His first car was a Volkswagen Rabbit !!