Good morning Met fans (wish I could truley meant that - I swear!!.. but anyway). It's time for your daily dose of Metscentric information with this - the Saturday edition of "This Day In Mets Infamy With Rusty" So as to paraphrase the MC5 "LETS KICK OUT THE JAM All YOU MUTHAS!!!New York Mets sold Al "Action" Jackson to the Cincinnati Reds on June 13, 1969. - I was very surprised when I read that because   I was under the assumption that he pitched in the World Series and because he is such a fixture to this organizationNew York Mets released scrub pitcher Mike "Birkenstock" Birkbeck on June 13, 1995.And lastly for our daily dose of Mo Vaugn Trivia - HE WOULD'VE CAUGHT LAST NIGHTS DAMNED POPFLY - AND HE WAS'NT  EVEN  THE SECOND BASEMAN !!!!!