great morning to all my fellow Mets fans out there. It is time for the Thursday morning edition of "This Day In Mets Infamy With Rusty" - The place where Mo Vaughn goes to find out information about himself.First off birthday greetings go out to former middle relief pitcher of the early '90's Alejandro Peña (1959)also celebrating being another year older is spot starter/ long man from the '07 team Aaron "C-YA" Sele (1970)Also another year older is former brave and utilityman for us in '06 &'07 Michael " Mutha" Tucker (1971) - just wondering why when we aquire players that were mets killers when they played for our arch rivals - they end up still killing us lolour first baseman with a bum hip Carlos "GET WELL SOON - WE NEED YOU !!!" Delgado (1972) Feliz anosand lastly Kane "killer" Davis (1975)New York Mets claimed Andy "randy" Phillips on waivers from the Cincinnati Reds on June 25, 2008. - the irony is we released him 3 days later - only to be reclaimed by the Reds.And lastly - Mo Vaughn's favorite video game - BURGERTIME !!!