Hello to all my fellow sadistic Mets fans. Its time for the farewell Ryan Church ( you will be missed) edition of "This Day In Mets Infamy With Rusty" So lets give a warm Bon Jour to Jeff " Frenchy" Francour and get on with it .First off Birthday wishes go out to former utility infielder for the '63 team - Brooklyn's own Ted "Liev" Schreiber (1938)also another year older is utility infielder ( ever notice we have had as many utility infielders as Jimmy Carter had liver pills?) Jack "Heide Ho !" Heidemann (1949)former reliever who was good for the Angels but sucked for us - Donne " Hit the " Wall (1967)and lastly Mark " insert your quip here" Little (1972)New York Mets traded infielder Chuck "King of the " Hiller to the Philadelphia Phillies for ex Yankee Phil Linz on July 11, 1967.New York Mets sold Jim " FRIG YOU !" Fregosi to the Texas Rangers on July 11, 1973.- Yeah M. Donald Grant that Nolan Ryan deal really worked out for us !!!New York Mets signed free agent utility infielder ( SEE ANOTHER ONE !!) Bill " JOY " Almon on July 11, 1980. - By the was , that move was the lynch pin of " THE MAGIC IS BACK" era !!New York Mets traded Gene Walter to the Seattle Mariners for Edwin Nuñez on July 11, 1988.And upon hearing of the aquisition   of   Jeff Francour Mo Vaughn ordered 5 dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts   3 pounds of  french fries and a 2 liter of Diet Coke ( he' dieting"