Hello my fello frustrated Mets fans ( I think that percentage is up to 99.5%) - It's time For " This Day In Mets Infamy With Rusty" So lets get going before the wake for this team starts.First off birthday wishes go out to former coach nad interim manager Salty Parker (1913) starting pitcher for the '65 & '66 team Gary " The Grassy" Kroll (1941)and pitcher Ken "Col" Sanders (1941)On this date the New York Mets traded pitcher Frank " Hello" Lary to the Chicago White Sox for catcher Jimmie "ah ah sitting pretty" Schaffer on July 8, 1965. - iI wonder if they aquired him for his last name?New York Mets released Marine Parks' own John "the human canoli" Cangelosi on July 8, 1994.ANd the Mo Vaughn tidbit of the day - he was so depressed after last night's game - he couldn't eat " Momma's of Corona" went into mourning mode. and lastly guys go to http://www.metspolice.com/ for  Shannon] Shark's  latest tirade against this team