Aloha to all my fellow Mets fans out there - after last nights Yankee game I am sure that the number of Mets fans has dropped considerably ( But not I ! I will never get seduced by the dark side !!!). Now as I digress here is to days edition of " This Day In Mets Infamy With Rusty".Birthday greetings go out to the former 4th outfielder of the '65 - '67 teams -Johnny Lewis (1939)Former Atlanta Braves and New York Yankee scum Gerald ( yet another great Omar Minaya pick up - NOT !!) Williams turns 43 (1966)And lastly outfielder Chuck "All glove - No bat " Carr turns 42 today (1967)Sadly on this day in 1990 , former Brooklyn Dodger player and a original coach from the '62 team Cookie Lavagetto passed away .New York Mets purchased utility man Jermaine Allensworth from the Kansas City Royals on August 10, 1998.New York Mets released one time top tier prospect Jeff Duncan on August 10, 2005.Lastly Mo Vaughn is wearing his Princess Leia cinnamon roll ear muffs because he doesn't want to hear the gloating from Yankee fans today - and neither do I !UPDATE : Mo Vaughn   has eaten his earmuffs   !! He said he couldnt resist cinnimon rolls !!