Good Morning my fellow Mets fans - Yesterday while driving home from work I had one of those " Oh My Goodness" moments. You see I was listening to 52nd St by Fellow New York Mets fan Billy Joel when one of his best "and most overlooked " songs Stiletto came on and I thought - " Jeez he must of had his fellow Mets fans in mind when he wrote that song( I know bear with me here!) The album came out in '78 when the Mets were already in their late '70's free fall into obscurity but the lyrics are as relevant now as it was then when it comes to our relationship with the team and it's ownership!" She cuts you once, she cuts you twice! But still you believe! The wound is still fresh that you taste the blood but you don't have the strength to leave!You've been bought ! You've been sold ! You've been locked outside the door !! But you stand there pleadin with your insides bleedin because deep down you want some moreThen she says she wants forgiveness. It's such a clever masquerade ! She's so good with her stiletto ! You don't ever see the blade !!It kinda makes you wonder if Fred and Jeff Wilpon are big Billy Joel fans huh? Anyway it is time for another fact packed edition of "This Day In Mets Infamy With Rusty"Birthday greetings go out to journeyman pitcher Barry " I'm Not Jerry !" Manuel (1965)New York Mets traded Willie Montanez to the Texas Rangers for pitcher( and future Chicago Cubs G.M.) Ed Lynch and utility-man Mike Jorgensen on August 12, 1979. - This turned to be a good move for the Mets because Lynch turned out to be a more than serviceable spot starter and reliever during the '84 - mid '86 season before he was traded to the Chicago Cubs.New York Mets signed free agent Shingo Takatsu on August 12, 2005. Shingo went 1-0 with a e.r.a in the mid 2's in 11 games but we let him go after the '05 season.And lastly Mo Vaughn's favorite   Billy Joel song is "Easy Money" - He said it kinda summed up his tenure with the Mets - especially since he spent a majority of the time on the D.L.