Good Morning to all my fellow Mets fans out there - All I can say about last night is "great game!"  But the one thing I can say about Oliver Perez is ( to quote Winston Churchhill) " He's a mystery wrapped in an enigma" another thing I have an issue with the Mets front office is "WHY THE HELL DO WE RECALL ANDY GREEN AND WILSON " I SHOULD BE PICKING COFFEE BEANS WITH MY UNCLE JUAN !!" VALDEZ INSTEAD OF BRINGING UP SHAWN   BOWMAN OR RUBEN TEJADA!!??!! I mean let us evaluate some of our minor leauge " talent " up hear and see if they have the intestinal fortitude to play in the big leauges ( it couldn't hurt ). Anyway enough of the ramblings of a broken down security guard and lets get on with " This Day In Mets Infamy With Rusty " !!First off Birthday wishes go out to utility infielder Mike " at least I ain't Steve " Phillips(1950) - One positive thing about Mike's tenure with the Metsies - we used him to aquire Joel " BLOOD" Youngblood in 1978Happy 49th birthday to our pewrenial number two starter in the '80's Ron " HULA" Darling (1960) - When I see Ron On t.v  I still think he looks 37 - not 49 !!Also one year older is one of the cog's to our late '90's and 2000 playoff runs Matt " Jack Of All Trades " Franco (1969)and lastly ineffective middle reliever from the '90's Jeff Tam is 39 (1970)New York Mets sold Wayne " The Twitch" Twitchell to the Seattle Mariners on August 19, 1979. funny thing is I was 7 years old in 1979 - and even I knew Twitchell sucked lol.New York Mets signed free agent Mike Marshall on August 19, 1981. and he did pretty well for us in that strike shortend season - of course he was never seen in a Mets uniform again lol.And Lastly BREAKING NEWS!!! :Mo Vaughn hasn broken his engagement with Sherri Shepperd !! He said he still has feelings for his first love - Mrs. Buttersworth !!!