Good Afternoon to all my fellow Mets fans! Yes it is time for the Late afternoon ( just got back from Newport R.I - SORRY!) edition of " This Day In Mets Infamy With Rusty ". So grab a bowl of New England clam chowwdehr and lets get a move on !!First off a happy and healthy birthday goes out to the pitcher who helped us win a Subway Series game with his base running - Dae-Sung " Mr." Koo (1969)New York Mets purchased Cal " Kan " Koonce from the Chicago Cubs on August 2, 1967.Koonse was a workhorse during the '69 series and is one of the oft forgotten bit players of that team !New York Mets purchased José " ole! "Cardenal from the Philadelphia Phillies on August 2, 1979. - Yes before he was Saint Joe Torre's first base coach he was our scrub firstbase man - see the correlation?New York Mets signed free agent Ramon " No Relation To Pedro" Martinez on August 2, 2008. - thank goodness he's on the d.l !!!And Lastly I spotted Mo Vaughn at the Newport Folk Festival last night. apparently he rushed on stage to sing duet with Woody Gutherie when Woody said - I don't know " " The Chronic !!! Do you know Alices' Resturaunt?" In which Mo responded " KISS MY GRITS WOODY !!"