Good morning to all my fellow Mets maniacs out there ( I know we are dropping like flies). It is time once again for yhe early A.M edition of " This Day In Mets Infamy With Rusty", So let us procede with caution.First off birthday greetings go out to on of the better hitting catchers in Mts history ( too bad he had a mental block when it came to throwing the ball) Mackey " DOUBLE CLUTCH" Sasser (1962)also celebrating a birthday today is utilityman who found his power stroke after he left the Mets Kevin " Steroids!!" Elster (1964)and sadly on this date in 2004 the radio voice of the Mets - Bob Murphy passed away . I remember being at work and crying for a man I had never met but knew all my life.Transactions:New York Mets signed free agent Lee " Maz !!!" Mazzilli on August 3, 1986. - great pick up by Frank Cashen after the media circus that insued with the George Foster release.New York Mets signed free agent Alex Treviño on August 3, 1990. At this point it was obvious that the Mets were about to come full circle to it's late '70's - early '80's roots when you reaquire one of the worst hitting and defensive catchers in team history.And Mo Vaughn agrees with me.