Happy Labor Day my fellow Mets fans. It seems to me our team took the whole season off to commemorate this sacred holiday to many unionized workers. Anyway without further ado its time for everyone's favorite litter box filler " This Day In Mets Infamy With Rusty".First off Happy Birthday wishes go out to the worst announcer we have ever had - Yes that's right kiddies it's Fran Healy !!!(1946) Fran was the closest thing to a biased broadcaster that we have ever had , and to tell you the truth - I still cringe when I see repeats of Sports Channel games !Next up is the five tool player that never was ! Happy Birthday Alex Escobar ! (1978) Alex is kind of in the same boat as Fernando Martinez right now - off limits in trades highly regarded as the jewel of the farm team   and when he was up with the team he didn't make a impact - he was subsequently dealt to the Cleveland Indians for Roberto AlomarNew York Mets purchased Larry " Fine" Foss from the Pittsburgh Pirates on September 6, 1962. He was traded that off season for Chico Fernandez.And lastly, on this date in 1984, the New York Mets signed free agent Keith Miller . Keith , a shortstop by trade settled in as a utility infielder with limited power in his bat and was traded a few years later to the Kansas City Royals along with   team pariah , Greg Jefferies and the mannequin   known as Kevin McReynolds for Mr. Bleach himself , Brett   Saberhagen.Have a good weekend and remember not to drink and drive - You might hit a bump and spill yer drink !!