I think I might have run out of adjectives to describe the way our team has managed to lose games this year, But last night's definitely left my jaw safely resting in my lap !! -I mean bases loaded with nobody out in both the first and eighth innings and collectively we only score one run? - I am at a loss. Apparently it is time to start believing in Murphy's Law ( no not you Daniel !) With that tirade over - It's INFAMY TIME !!!Happy Birthday to possibly one of the best bench players we ever had ! That's right it is Lou Pinella's nephew -Dave Magadan (1962) ! Dave burst on the scene ala Daniel Murphy in late August/ early September of '86 but he was left off the post season roster- as a player who could man many positions he became the go to guy as a pinch hitter or a defensive replacement - The funny thing in my opinion is he could have been a starter on most teams but the Mets had few weaknesses at any position so on the bench he stayed until being traded. He had a long career as a role player but never truly got his chance to shine as a starter.Middle reliever from the '97 team - Yorkis Perez is 42 (1967)And starting pitcher (also known as the human train wreck) José " IT'S LIMA TIME !!" Lima is 37 (1972) Lima with his bleached blond hair was brought in on a minor league contract during the '07 season and was called into service when Pedro Martinez went down. He was always upbeat ala Pedro but he didn't win ala Pedro ( He was last seen pitching for Guam)New York Mets signed free agent Nino Espinosa on September 30, 1970. Nino was a decent pitcher during the dark days of the mid '70's - until he was traded for soon to be malcontent Richie Hebner ( sorry  Grave  where ever you are !)And lastly on this day in 1984,New York Mets released journeyman outfielder Jerry Martin .One more thought on the past two   games   - JERRY WHY ARE YOU BUNTING ANGEL PAGAN WITH MEN ON BASE AND NO-ONE OUT !!!!! STOP PLAYING STATION TO STATION BALL !!! ( deep breaths deep breaths) Thank goodness there are only four games left to the season - please just make the pain stop !!Oh and my one word slogan for 2010 is REVENGE !