First off I would like to thank the New York Jets for making the last few weeks bearable. If it was not for their exciting run through the playoffs , I would have probably committed myself to the psychiatric ward at Bellvue Hospital. But as we all know now that the dust has cleared from Sunday nights loss, the Mets and the perceived futility of their off-season will once again be under a microscope. Have the Mets made some good move? Yes Jason Bay and Kelvim Escobar ( if he is healthy) should be able to improve this team by a moderate amount. But a moderate amount is not what is going to make this team be able to compete with the Philadelphia Phillies for the N.L East pennant this year. I am trying to be patient here but my memory still goes back to that day on the Mike Francesa Bloviator Show, in which Jeff Wilpon said that they would do everything that they could into making this squad into a championship caliber team again. Honestly so far I am not so enthusiastic. Yes no one could see the Beltran injury rearing it's ugly head again - ummm sorry but that's a lie! The general consensus of everyone but Omar, Wilpon, and the Mets training staff thought that Carlos should have gotten season ending surgery last August/ September - when it was obvious the team fell out of contention. But here we are six months later drinking bottles of Maloxx trying to ease our twisted stomachs and the Tylenol for our bruised egos while this team fails to sign or trade for the best available talent to improve this team. And every time I hear the company line that " well our best players will be back and healthy" I have to cringe, because in my gut I feel that they have no clue or game plan in which to improve this team. Am I hoping that all goes well and this team can return to respectability ? The answer is a resounding yes . But alot of things have to go right in order for this team to become winners again. And I have to admit that I am shocked that the Mets front office at least in perception are sitting idly by waiting for a good deal to fall in thir lap. Speculation is it won't be Ben Sheets. So if the middle of July comes and the Mets are a sub .500 team fighting for the distinction that is fourth place and Citi Field looks and feels more like a morgue than a ball park. Jeff, Fred take a good long look at yourselves in the mirror , for the onus is on you my friends.Sorry had to vent.                                                                                                                                                                         BEGINNING OF APPLE RANT:                                                                                                                                                   "I am pulling my hair out this off season !!"And now ... ON WITH THE INFAMY !!!!On this day :New York Mets signed free agent utility infielder Kurt Abbott of the Colorado Rockies on January 26, 2000.New York Mets traded middle reliever Jaime Cerda to the Kansas City Royals for minor league pitcher , Shawn Sedlacek on January 26, 2004.New York Mets traded first base prospect, Ian Bladergroen to the Boston Red Sox for the man with the hardest name to spell in the big leagues - first baseman, Doug Mientkiewicz on January 26, 2005. Doug was all glove no bat and warmed the first base bag for a season until we acquired Carlos Delgado from the Florida Marlins.New York Mets signed free agent pitcher, Jon Switzer of the Boston Red Sox on January 26, 2009.Switzer pitched in all only 4 games this past season to a E.R.A of 8.10. He was promptly demoted to the minors, never to be seen in a Mets uniform again.And don't forget while you are pondering the meaning of life in your office cubicle -there are just 69 more days until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.