So at his daily press briefing Mets skipper Jerry Manuel broke the bad - yet not surprisingly bad news that possible set up man, Kelvim Escobar will more than likely start the season on the disabled list. Okay now before you blame the Mets medical staff, Omar Minaya or the new team trainers motto of prevention & recovery we have to put things into perspective here. First off this was a low risk / high reward signing. Escobar has not pitched more than five innings in the last three years, the Mets took a gamble here - not monetarily but they avoided some good relievers this off season because from what they scouts saw in winter ball this past season, he looked strong. Secondly he can still possibly be healthy and useful by mid-season which could give the bull pen a rest if they have been overused. Third he only signed for slightly more than a million dollars so that salary is not a drain on the budget.But the one question that remains is if not Kelvim then who? Ryota Irigashi? Bobby Parnell? Jenry Mejia? Oreither Joe Beimel orRon Mahay ? Personally I have stated that I would love to see Parnell earn the job because he has such a dominating fastball . But if he is not ready, I think it is about time that the Mets give Kiko Calero's agent a phone call and try to sign him to be Francisco Rodriguez's setup man.Here are Calero's stats , first from last season and then his career splits.
I think his stats speak for themselves. He doesn't give up the long ball all that often, he strikes out hitters more than he walks them, and his E.R.A. was   a highly respectable 1.95   for a Marlins team that overachieved. I think Omar would do himself an injustice if he didn't at least inquire about him. And OH YEAH HE'S A TYPE B FREE AGENT THAT WAS NOT OFFERED ARBITRATION !!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   " Will Kiko be out eighth inning man?"And with that said ... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to Mets coach from the '91 team Tom Spencer. He is 59 today.  (1951)Pitcher from the'06 team,  Brian Bannister is 29.(1981)   I remember Brian as being a long shot to make the rotation in '06 but he pitched so well in spring training that the Mets had to include him on the roster. He was at times wild but when he was on he was close to unhittable.   He went down in the middle of the season with a hamstring injury and wasn't able to rehab in time for the post season. He was traded to the Kansas City Royals for the waste of life Abiorix Burgos , where he has proven to be a decent number five starter.Sadly on this date last year , pitcher Tom Sturdivant of the '64 team passed away.New York Mets purchased Dave Kingman from the San Francisco Giants on February 28, 1975. Remarkably enough   on the same date in 1981 the Mets reacquired Kingman in a trade with the Chicago Cubs for one time rising star outfielder, Steve Henderson . Unfortunately Kingman's limited range at first base had become even more limited and his batting average ( which had never been great)  declined, making him a feast or famine home run hitter.New York Mets signed free agent reliever Pedro Feliciano on February 28, 2006. Pedro set a Mets  single season appearance record last season .  And while you watch the Men's U.S.A Hockey team  play  Team Canada , just remember 36 days until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.