Well it's finally here!! No not the blue ray edition of Blues brothers 2000 - but the start of the Mets 2010 campaign. As I reported yesterday Kelvim Escobar is suffering from shoulder discomfort, which might render him unable to pitch for the Mets for the time being. This in all actuality might be a blessing in disguise. This could thrust Bobby Parnell into the set-up man role to fill the gap between the eighth inning to Frankie Rodriguez in the ninth inning. As we all know Parnell is basically a one pitch pitcher - a hard fast ball. He seems to pitch better in shorter, more controlled scenarios rather than being stretched out as a starter. He thrived for the first half of the season as the seventh inning man. I believe Parnell's dip in effectiveness as last season wore on was due more to over use ( this was the most innings he ever pitched) and a breakdown in confidence . So what does the future hold for the Mets bullpen this spring training ? It depends if Escobar is suffering from routine discomfort - but if it is more than that , someone - Perhaps the aforementioned Parnell - Maybe Takahashi or even Clint Everts might be the key. Your thoughts ?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             " Does  Bobby have what it takes to be the set up man? "And with that said ... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!Birthday Wishes go out to one of the original Mets relievers from the '62 team - Bob " Righty" Miller    (1939) .Mets   coach from the '78 campaign - Dal Maxvill is 71   (1939).One of   my all- time favorite Mets scrubs, outfielder Jerry Morales is 61  (1949) . I remember him during that horrible   '80 season. He couldn't hit nor could he field but it was funny watching him lumber to first base on a single.Utility infielder for the '88   Mets -   Jeff McKnight is 47 today  (1963) .One time highly touted pitching prospect for the Mets -  Kevin Tapani  is 46 (1964) .He along with Rick Agulera were the keys to obtaining Frank Viola from the Minnesota Twins in '89. Tapani went on to have a long career that spanned   twelve years in the majors.Utility infielder from  the '92 season - John Valentin is 43 (1967) .Starting Pitcher from the '02 Mets, Shawn Estes is 37 (1973) . Who could forget that game against the New York Yankees where the fans wanted him to throw at Roger "I  Misremembered" Clemens, but instead he threw about three feet in back of him. Was he nervous? was he just wild? Who the hell knows - at least he hit a two run home run off of him in that game !The Montreal Expos  signed pitcher Ray Burris  of the New York Mets as a free agent on February 18, 1981.Ray was one of those pitcher that pitched well before he came to the Mets, sucked when he pitched for the Mets, and pitched well after he left the Mets - Go Figure !New York Mets traded minor league infielder Joe Dellicarri  to the   Detroit Tigers  for  third baseman Kevin Morgan  on February 18, 1994.The Minnesota Twins signed reliever Luis " Don't Call Me Benny " Ayala  of the New York Mets as a free agent on February 18, 2009.   Luis was halfway decent as a middle reliever after the Mets picked him up from the Washington Nationals in August of '08, but when he tried to assume Billy Wagner's closers spot, he faltered along with the entire Mets bullpen down the stretch, which helped keep the Mets out of the Playoffs that year.And dont forget - There are only 46 days until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.