If  I haven't made it obviously apparent in the past two years that I have written for this blog let me make myself clear - I HAVE NO INTEREST IN WATCHING THE POST SEASON IF THE METS AREN'T IN IT !!! Well that is generally  the case, but after totally abstaining from last years New York Yankees/ Philadelphia Phillies clusterphuck of a World Series this year I have decided to put all my energy in rooting for both the Texas Rangers and San Francisco Giants to knock both of last years finalists out of contention this year. I know I know what you are probably thinking " Rusty - how can you root for two teams that you didn't follow at all this season and know very little about ?" Well I'll tell you , thank goodness for the power of the Internet for helping me with my research .And now I give you the top 10 reasons for rooting for both the Rangers and the Giants for making the World Series.10. Guillermo Mota : No I can't stand him either - especially after finding out that he tested positive for steroids when he had just signed a two year contract extension by then general manager ( that feels so good to say) Omar Minaya. Lets just hope that he stays in the pen for the rest of the series.09.Darren O'Day: He pitched very well in his brief stint with the Mets as a middle reliever last season. I am still scratching my head why Omar Minaya DFA'D him.08.Mike Maddux: Few people remember that the current Rangers pitching coach was at one time buried in the Mets bullpen as a mop-up man during the '93-'94 season.07. Darren Oliver: Darren was the the biggest surprise of the '06  season. He was considering retirement before Omar Minaya plucked him off the scrap heap and transformed him into the best spot starter/ long man in the business. It's too bad that Omar did not have the foresight to sign Darren to a contract extension.06. Clint Hurdle : The current Ranger hitting coach and 1978 Rookie of the Year award  spent four seasons as a bench player with the Mets ( '83-'85, '87) before becoming a manager for three season for the Mets farm system.o5. Nelson Cruz : Yes technically he never played for the big team, but he was once property of the Mets back in 2000 before being traded to the Oakland A's for shortstop, Jorge Valandia. Oh what could have been !04. Jeff Francoeur : How can you not root for Frenchy ?03. Ron Washington : No he never played a day in his life for the Mets, but he did cut his teeth as a coach for the Mets minor league system in '91 and again in '95.02. Bruce Bochy:  The current San Francisco Giants manager had a cup of coffee with the Mets way back in '82 as a back-up catcher to Ron Hodges and Junior OrtizAnd the number one reason to watch the  League Championship Series this year - Nolan Ryan !!! Yes I know he is neither a coach or a player for with of the two teams that I am rooting for - but he has helped turn this Texas Rangers team from a all offense no pitching team to a team that has great balance with it's pitching and very good offense ! And with that said ... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to one time highly touted Mets pitching prospect, Rich Folkers (1946) . Folkers would only spend one season with the Mets before being included in a package to the St Louis Cardinals which Art Shamsky, Jim Bibby and Charlie Hudson for outfielder, Jim Beauchamp and pitchers Harry Parker and Chuck Taylor.Part-time first baseman/ outfielder from the '00-'02 Mets, Mark Johnson is 43 (1967).New York Mets released pitcher,Bob Friend on October 17, 1966.New York Mets released shortstop, Roy McMillan on October 17, 1966. Roy would later on become coach - then manager for the Mets in '75New York Mets purchased the contract of outfielder, Larry Stahl from the Kansas City Athletics on October 17, 1966.Mo Vaughn is thinking about taking up gymnastics.