Sometimes I feel like us Mets fans deserve to suffer !! Like the Jews that wandered in the desert for forty years before they finally reached the promise land ( Yeah I know I am a atheist just follow me here) we have been doomed to roam the wastelands of seasons past, with only a handful of playoff appearances to show for it.Let me explain. Yesterday while driving my clients home from my day job I heard the Sandy Alderson introductory press conference . I was happy with about ninety percent of what he said, but I understood that in some aspects of this coming season his hands will be tied. We know due to a decline in attendance last season, the Mets will not delve too deep into the free agent pool ( it's not ike Cliff Lee was going to come here next season anyway), instead payroll flexabilty  and the importing of talent will be done mostly via trade and the jettisoning of  bad contracts that can't be moved ( buh bye Ollie ?)  Our scouting department will be overhauled , with a new scouting system and resources that will make sure we draft the best available prospects. And we can rest assured that he will insulate himself with the best available staff ( Paul DePodesta has already been rumored to have signed on).So what have I heard from the Mets fans that have called in Since Mike Francesa's show? " HE HAS NO PLAN !!'"  bemoaned one caller " HE'S A PUPPET FOR THE WILPONS AND WON'T SPEND MONEY !!!"  cried another. The best was the once brain surgeon who though just because Alderson said umm a few times that he wasn't articulate ! Yeah I think that Harvard Law degree says otherwise bub. I know that most of the Mets fans that call into WFAN are from the lunatic fringe segment of the known Mets universe but can the man start his job before we herald him a abject failure ?!!??  The man has a plan and he will execute it with precision. Will we in the post season next season< more than likely not but that's not to say that the Mets will be a team that finishes on the north side of .500.I see Alderson as Frank Cashen reincarnated. He will build this team through smart drafting and even smarter trades. When there is flexibility with the payroll I expect him to sign the best player that fits the make up of the team and not to sign a expensive one just to appease us fans. We are entering in my opinion is the brave new era of Mets baseball where accountability is key and a devotion to winning and winning in a dominating fashion will be the norm. So Sandy Alderson I shall be patient and if and when you bring us out third  World Series Pennant I will salute you !And with that said ... HERE COMES THE INFAMY                                                                                                                                                           " Would you rather he ran this team again???!!??" Happy birthday wishes go out to the best pitching coach that we had since Mel Stottlemyre  ( Sorry Dave Wallace !) , Rick Peterson. He turns 56  (1954).Utility infielder from '02-'03 , Marco Scutaro  is 35 (1975). Oh how I wish he wasn't put through waivers !! All bat ( barely) and even less glove, first baseman, Mike Jacobs is 30 (1980)Mo bat and barely a decent fielder, back up infielder , Anderson Hernandez is 28 (1982) .Future Mets manager and second baseman, Willie Randolph , was granted free agency on October 30, 1992.Back up catcher, Sandy Alomar Jr. was  granted free agency on October 30, starter/ middle reliever ,Aaron Sele was granted free agency on October 30, 2007.Damion Easleywas  granted free agency on October 30, 2008.I wish the Mets would have brought Easley back for another season, he would have been the best infielder on the bench in '09Matt Wise - the forgotten middle reliever from the '08 team was granted free agency on October 30, 2008.Mo Vaughn is waiting  for Sandy Alderson to name him a fitness coach !!