All I have to say is thank goodness that I am on powerful pain medications ! For those of you that might not have heard, I was involved in a bad car accident. I'm ok unfortunately my 2008 Jeep Liberty (from what I understand) looks like a twisted mangled mess - Kinda like this past month for the Mets. I watched last nights game and after Angel Pagan blasted that first inning two run shot, I said to myself " He maybe we can actually win two in a row!' As we now know this minor winning streak never came to pass. It wasn't the fault of Jon Niese - He was sterling over his seven innings of work. I guess we can heap some of the blame on Takahashi since he allowed two base-runners on base - but also garnered two outs. In my opinion Jerry Manuel deserves the lions share of the blame because he tried to over-manage the situation. If you proclaim Takahashi as your eighth inning guy you have to live and die by that decision-especially when you are one out away from escaping the inning !!!. Bringing in Manny Acosta -a man infamous for serving up meatballs that Chef Boyardee would be proud !And where has our offense gone? Why does David Wright look like Buddy Biancalanca all of a sudden ?!?  They only produced three hits against a no-name Rockies pitcher named Jeff Francis. That is just pitiful !But not as pitiful as Francisco Rodriguez's poor display of behavior after last nights game. I guess we now have to mention him in the same breath as Carl Everett, Ambiorix Burgos and Brett Myers!" Soon to replace Doug Sisk In Mets lore !"And with that said... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to middle reliever from the '97 team, Barry Manuel (1965).New York Mets traded lead gloved first baseman,Willie Montanez to the Texas Rangers for Ed Lynch and Mike Jorgensen on August 12, 1979.New York Mets signed free agent pitcher,Shingo Takatsu on August 12, 2005. Ahhh Shingo - we will always have the Subway series to remember you by.By the way those pain pills must be strong because last night I had a dream that involved Mo Vaughn, Gene Simmons and Marty Feldman wearing polyester pantsuits battling Raquel Welch, Mimi from " The Drew Carey Show" and Megan Fox in a no holds barred mud wrestling match ! Unfortunately Mo Vaughn won by disqualification after stripping down to his thong - OHHHH THE PAIN !!!!!