Well I guess Luis Castillo feels better about himself this morning. That's right folks , us Mets fans have a new goat to boo the hell out of for the rest of his contract - and that goat is Alex Cora !! I am not going to rehash the god awful events that happened in the sixth inning that wasted a fine debut by Hisinori Takahashi ( keep him in the rotation !!)- but needless to say this was a deflating loss. And it irks me that Jerry would put Uncle Elmer Dessens into the game after the man just made it into the locker room after a long commute from Buffalo ! Jerry you said that you wanted to use Jenrry Mejia in more important situations - well I think that was a important enough !! And furthermore - why are you putting Ollie Perez into close games !!! He should be buried in that pen, only to be used in blowouts !!!! And once again I cringe when I hear the Skankee faithful whooping and hollering during the post game show !! Lets hope we get a really good performance by Mike Pelfrey tonight, because if our offenses' bats are still cold - and Phil Hughes pitches well I think that it might possibly be the that sends this team into the abyss. ( don't mean to be so negative - I'm just not feeling it today). Oh and another thing, I am happy we honored the 2000 team - but did we have to have it when we were playing the Skanks ? I mean this is the team that we lost to in 2000 ! Good idea - bad timing !!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 " BAAAAAAAA"And with that said.... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Sadly on this date in 1974,Ernie White , the second pitching coach in Mets history passed away.New York Mets released Gil Hodges on May 22, 1963. As we all know , he would become the man who would take the '69 team to the promise land !In possibly one of the most important trades the Mets made ( don't believe the Mike Francesa who takes credit for making it happen !). The New York Mets traded Preston Wilson, Geoff Goetz and Ed Yarnall to the Florida Marlins for Mike Piazza on May 22, 1998.New York Mets released reliever, Scott Strickland on May 22, 2005. He now works as a repo man !New York Mets released middle reliever, Jorge Sosa on May 22, 2008.And Mo Vaughn was in attendance last night, He was challenging Mariano Rivera to a fight to the death - saying " There can be only one Mo "!!!