You know since it's been about 72 hours since the last Mets controversy , I used some that negative energy and I channeled it to something positive. You see I began thinking ( smell the smoke?), " What would my All Time Mets Scrub Line Up look like? Well I had some criteria. First the player had to play for the Mets from the time I started having vivid memories of the Mets ( '76 - present). Secondly they had to be god awful - they didn't have to be fan favorites - they could be bums also. And lastly they had to play more than a handful of games for the Mets. So here is my all time scrub line up ( feel free to tell me if you agree , disagree or who your line up would be)First base - Mike Jorgenson - He could field but was mediocre at best as a hitterSecond base - Doug Flynn - Yes he earned a gold glove , but he could never hit his weight.Shortstop- Frank Taveras. We traded Tim Foli for this guy , he couldn't field and couldn't hit - so he was perfect for those early '80's Mets teams.Third Base - Elliot Maddox. Yeah I know the Mets have had many crappy third basemen in their almost 50 year history, but Elliot was converted from a outfielder who had limited range from a leg injury to a infielder with limited range from a leg injury ( makes sense)Catcher- Mackey Sasser. Yes Mackey could hit - and hit for power. But he had that mental block that prevented him to throw runners out while stealing ( remember he would double pump while throwing ?)Left Field - D.J. Dozier - Unfortunately he is best remembered for running through the wall during a minor league game.Center Field - Darryl Boston. Remember he was Frank Cashen's answer to replacing Darryl Strawberry? I think most Mets fans would have preferred seeing Fred " Rerun" Berry patrolling center-field.Right Field - Ellis Valentine. Ellis played pretty decently in his tenure as a Met. But he bolted as soon as he became a free agent ( so in other words we pretty much got nothing in return for Jeff Reardon).Starting PitchersMike Torrez - He was good when he was with the Boston Red Sox - but stunk up the joint when he joined the Mets . And don't forget when he accidentally beaned Dickie Thon.Mark Bomback - Jeez this guy gave up alot of home-runs !Pete Falcone - He made Mickey Loilich look consistent !Bruce Chen - was a mid season reclamation project gone extremely wrong.Anthony Young- Possibly the best scrub pitcher the Mets have ever had !! He always pitched well enough to lose, and he was a good sport about the jokes that were made at his expense. He is the only losing pitcher that was not from the early '60's that endeared himself to Mets fans.RelieversRich Rodriguez - We begged , we pleaded , we threatened Steve Phillips life , but Rich Rodriguez pitched for two years out of the Mets pen.Doug Sisk   - 'NUFF SAID !!Mel Rojas-   He was one of the most dominant relievers of his time when he was with the Cubs. But as soon as he joined the Mets he forgot how to pitch !And there you have it. My all time scrub line-up                                                                                                                                                                                                                       " Better than   Darryl Boston?   - You decide !!"  And with that ... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!Happy Birthday greetings go out to   reserve infielder for the '91 team Jeff Gardner (1964) .New York Mets traded  infielder Ralph Milliard to the Cincinnati Reds for pitcher Mark Corey on February 4, 1999.New York Mets signed free agent pitcher Dennis Springer  of the   Florida Marlins on February 4, 2000.The Colorado Rockies signed pitcher Billy Taylor of the New York Mets as a free agent on February 4, 2000. Taylor was acquired in that  INFAMOUS  trade that sent Jason Isringhausen to the Oakland A's. Taylor sucked pitching down the stretch that year, As he almost cost us the wild card!New York   signed free agent first baseman ( and Tom Glavine's brother) Mike Glavine  on February 4, 2003. This move was done in my  opinion  to appease Tom after signing with the Mets.And don't forget - There are just 60 days until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.