So here we are in the third week of June and the Mets in second place a record of 35-28 and trailing the Atlanta Braves by a game and a half. Bu the question is how many of use really expected this? Is this just a aberration from a weak schedule? Are the Mets playing over their heads - or are they just better than we all expected ? I honestly feel as Mets fans, we were so upset about the way the '09 season unfolded. That compounded with a extremely quiet off season, where the only " big name" that we acquired was left fielder Jason Bay, and ignoring every starting pitcher that had a pedigree - good and bad alike. Well it underwhelmed both the Mets fan base and the " Lords Of Baseball" ( yes the sports writers and columnists) and it showed on the back pages and in the comments section of every blog dedicated to the Mets on the web.So the question remains - Are the Mets playing over their heads? I say the answer is no. I say this because before everything went wrong last season, that Mets team - albeit not the most defensively gifted Mets teams in recent memory, were in the thick of the chase . That is until disaster struck and two thirds of our roster went on the disabled list. That compounded with a lack of foresight which led to a weak bench and a weak triple a farm team, we didn't have any reinforcements to stop the bleeding. This year the Mets got a lot smarter, stocking quality reinforcements down in Buffalo, as well as on their bench. Also the signings of Rod Barajas and Henry Blanco - two men that have good reputations for handling a pitching staff and for their presence in the clubhouse , have been excellent signings ( I still don't know who really wanted Bengie Molina). The maturation of both Mike Pelfrey and Jonathan Niese has also helped this team find themselves. It doesn't hurt that we have a healthy Jose Reyes and a David Wright who seems back to his old form along with the promotion of Ike Davis who has shown that he can handle National League pitching. And Angel Pagan has shown that he is capable as a everyday player, and you have to think that this team will get even scarier when Beltran gets back ! Plus who would ever think that we would be ecstatic over having Takahashi and Dickey in the rotation over Maine and Ollie ( well we still can't stand Ollie !) ?Truth be told I believe this team - if they can procure a proven front line starter, can go deep into the playoffs. They have the chemistry, they have the pitching , and they have something that they didn't play with for most of last season. HEART !!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           " Crazy on the Mets !!"And with that said.... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Celebrating Birthdays today are :Outfielder,Ken Henderson is 64 (1946) .Center fielder fro the '95 team, Brett Butler is 53 (1957) .Catcher,Dave Liddell is 44 (1966) .Back up first baseman from the "03 season,Tony Clark is 38(1972) .Reserve outfielder from last season, Jeremy Reed is 29(1981) .New York Mets purchased outfielder,Gene Woodling from the Washington Senators on June 15, 1962.New York Mets purchased pitcher, Bob Friend from the New York Yankees on June 15, 1966.New York Mets traded Kevin Collins, Steve Renko, Jay Carden and Dave Colon to the Montreal Expos for Donn Clendenon on June 15, 1969. That deal was the most important deal of the '69 season, for Clendenon would propel the Mets into the World Series !Yes unfortunately today is is one of the worst days in Mets Infamy !! Today marks the 33rd anniversary of the "Midnight Massacre" when our douchebag of a President, M. Donald Grant, authorized the trading of Tom Seaver to the Cincinnati Reds for Doug Flynn, Pat Zachry, Steve Henderson and Dan Norman coupled with the trading of fan favorite,Dave Kingman to the San Diego Padres for outfielder,Bobby Valentine and pitcher,Paul Siebert on June 15, 1977. It essentially was the ushering in of the Mets dark ages.New York Mets traded utilityman,Mike Phillips to the St. Louis Cardinals for outfielder,Joel Youngblood on June 15, 1977. Youngblood would soon be quickly revered by Mets fans everywhere.New York Mets purchased relief pitcher,Andy Hassler from the Boston Red Sox on June 15, 1979.New York Mets traded pitchers, Bob Myrick and Mike Bruhert to the Texas Rangers for a past his prime Dock Ellis on June 15, 1979.Today is a landmark in Mets history, it marks the day 27 tears ago when our New York Mets traded pitcher, Neil Allen and Rick Ownbey to the St. Louis Cardinals for Keith Hernandez , and effectively put the Mets back on the right track as a winning organization.New York Mets sold first baseman,Mike Jorgensen to the Atlanta Braves on June 15, 1983.New York Mets traded minor leaguers,Jay Tibbs, Eddie Williams and Matt Bullinger to the Cincinnati Reds for pitcher, Bruce Berenyi on June 15, 1984. I always liked Bruce, and I wish he was on the the '86 team.And Mo Vaughn will be in Cleveland tonight. He is hoping to try their famous chilli - so stay down wind from him is you see him !!