I hate to say it but last nights Mets game was the equivalent to watching a car crash in slow motion - you just had to watch as the carnage ensued without your hands over your eyes ! Ollie was so bad in that fourth inning it bordered on the absurd - hey I even called the Dan Uggla homer ! But I was on twitter ( my handle is lagraderusty if you want to follow me ),and it didn't surprise me at all the much deserved venom that has been unleashed on Ollie . What surprised me is that much of the Mets crowd that was on there last night were under the assumption that the Mets should and would designate Oliver Perez for assignment. To be brutally honest this made me chuckle because it is a proven fact that the Mets management - unlike the New York Yankees ( sorry had to go there) will never eat expensive contracts - unless it is when the player is in the last year of their contract - see Bobby Bonilla and Rickey Henderson as prime examples. Hell they have problems releasing or trading guys that are signed to modest contracts - Julio Franco , Marlon Anderson, until they have almost no value to other teams.And let us remember before we say that the solution is to send Oliver down to the minors to fix his head and his mechanics, he has no more options and can veto that suggestion (lest we forget that Scott Boras is his agent). So I believe the most likely scenario is that Ollie gets buried in the bullpen for a few starts, has a few side sessions with Dan Warthern in which they will proclaim him " cured" and Ollie will be perfectly mediocre for a few starts until he implodes again. It's the lather, rinse repeat method.and lets face it this is Omar's FOLLIE ( F%cking Ollie) , he pretty much bid against himself for the services of a pitcher who has showed flashes of brilliance , but who's brain Sigmund Freud would have a field day with - to a three year thirty six million dollar contract, which has kind of hamstrung this organization to an extent. MLBTR.COM reported yesterday that the Mets were unlikely to deal for Roy Oswalt because of the amount of dollars remaining on his contract ( about 33 million left) . I know that many readers and commenter's feel that his time has come and gone, but thus far this season has a e.r.a of 2.63and a ratio of 8.4 strikeouts for nine innings - sorry I would love to have Roy - but it won't happen when you have Oliver's remaining 24 million dollar contract around - which is like the 800 lb gorilla in the room!                                                                                                                                                                                                                      " Ladies & gentleman, may I  introduce to you the Oliver Perez Contract !"And with that said .... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to former professional big league pitcher who would later become a pitching coach during the 2003 season for Art Howe - Rick Waits (1952).One time Mets prospect, current Washington Nationals reliever and Tony Tarrasco's friend in  ganja - Tyler Walker is 34 (1976) .The Cleveland Indians claimed back up catcher, Brook Fordyce of the New York Mets on waivers on May 15, 1995.And there were reports of minor tremors in the South Beach section of Florida - except that was not due to any kind of plate tectonics - Mo Vaughn was doing the Lambada !!!!!