It's funny how things can change in a month. Around this time in August there was still some hope - some optimism if you will about the Mets being able to make one last run for postseason glory. There was talk by Jerry Manuel, some of the players and even a minority of the fan base that felt that there was a ghost of a chance this team could get this ship straight and at least be in contention for the wild card.Well here we are in mid-September and there were ghosts last night in Citi Field - about thirty-seven thousand of them that masqueraded as empty seats. This is not a horror flick for Fred and Jeff Wilpon. This is the harsh reality that the must face . I have said many times that there is enough blame to go around in the way this organization down, from management to the players, but you know something ? I am starting to think the the lion's share of blame must be levied on the shoulders of the Mets ownership.Recently I have been speaking to current as well as former beat writers for the Mets, and the picture that they paint about ownership is not pretty to say the least. One ex Mets beat writer who I talked to was scathing in his opinions about the teams ownership. I admit that I don't know if some or all of the writers that I have been in correspondence with have some kind of axe to grind with the Mets - whether it's with the Wilpons themselves or the team as a whole, but what they have said to me should possibly come as a surprise to no one. One writer in particular ( who will remain nameless feel that the Mets lack of accountability starts at the top with ownership. He goes on to tell me that " Even Ollie Perez - as bad as he is, is being used as a scapegoat when in fact you should blame those who gave him the money!" When I put the blame on the Perez signing as Omar Minaya  scrambling for a pitcher  after he failed to sign Derek Lowe the reporter said, " Nothing gets done in Flushing unless Jeff signs off on it . And whenever a team goes into the sh%tter like that it's the owners fault." When I asked him if he ever thought it would get this bad with ownership the beat writer said " As soon as Jeff took over . Around '02-'03. It was obvious". He would go on to blame Fred Wilpon for the A-Rod debacle saying that " It was the Wilpon's call, Phillips ( Steve Phillips the general manager at the time) gladly took the bullet, got him a extra year's pay out of it' and that " Phillips used the 24 +1 line to masquerade Freddie's cheapness."All I can say is OUCH !! Like I said before this is coming from a ex Mets beat reporter who covered the team for a very long time. Can you take everything he says as the the total truth without any shades of grey?  The answer is no - but it does give us the insight on how the media possibly perceives this team and why it seems that they are the whipping boys of the press.And with that said..... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Celebrating Birthdays today are:Original pitcher from the '62 season, pitcher, Dave Hillman is 83 (1927) .One of the most overlooked Mets pitchers from '73- '75, Harry Parker (1947) .Pitcher from the '93 team, Mike Draper is 44(1966) .One of the many reason why the Mets made it to the '06 NLCS, middle reliever,Chad Bradford is 36 (1974) . Damn I wish Omar never let him get away !New York Mets traded pitcher,Dan Murray to the Kansas City Royals for the enigma that was Glendon Rusch on September 14, 1999. Rusch was the precursor to Mike Pelfrey, when he was on he was dominant - but when he was off ... LOOK OUT !!Mo Vaughn had the Worlds Fare Market all to himself last night as well as the Mets room by section 436.And remember there are now just 18 games left before Jerry Manuel's tenure as Mets manager comes to a close !