Yesterday was not a very busy news day for the Mets   other than their 7-6 defeat of the Florida Marlins, Jose Reyes taking live batting practice in which he afterwards declared himself feeling great ! But the one nugget of Metscentric news that was for the most part swept under the rug was back up catcher Chris Coste being designated for assignment, and subsequently being picked up by the Washington Nationals. I know you are right now reading this and wondering if I have gone stir crazy ( that happened many moons ago) but in all honesty even though I did not want to see Coste step foot in Citi Field this season, he was to be a very valuable asset to the Mets down in Buffalo. Coste as we all know was signed to be more of a player/coach/mentor to primary catcher of the future Josh Thole. Thole has the hitting aspect of the game down, he is one of the better contact hitters on the farm. But Coste was to have helped him with his defense and game calling abilities, which was lacking in his brief call up last season. Thole also needs to learn how to handle a pitching staff, and thats where Coste would have come in. Coste - although a back up catcher for the Philadelphia Phillies and Houston Astros, is highly regarded and trusted among the pitching staffs that he worked with. It would have been nice if that experience could have rubbed off on the young Thole. Instead he will be learning from Omir Santos. a below average catcher who is known for his late blooming bat than the way he handles a staff. Chris you might always considered yourself a Phillie, but it would have been nice for you to have become Poppa Bison. So be off with you on your Great Space Coste, down to the city built on a swamp, oh yeah if you wanna win some extra cash always bet on the Teddy Roosevelt president during the Nationals seventh inning Presidents Race !!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   " Pudge   and the rest of the   Nationals are ready to greet you with open arms Chris !"And with that said..... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!!Happy Birthday wishes go out   to one of the forgotten pitchers from the '91 season, Terry Bross .(1966)New York Mets traded pitchers Dean Chance and Bill Denehy to the Detroit Tigers for minor league pitcher, Jerry Robertson on March 30, 1971.New York Mets released second baseman Jesus Alou on March 30, 1976.New York Mets traded Benny Ayala to the St. Louis Cardinals for infielder, Doug Clarey on March 30, 1977.New York Mets traded prospects Ken Reed and Gene Autry to the Chicago White Sox for middle reliever ( and now Mets bullpen coach) Randy Niemann on March 30, 1985.New York Mets traded reliever,Terry Bross to the San Diego Padres for minor league pitcher,Craig Bullock on March 30, 1992.New York Mets traded pitchers Anthony Young and Ottis Smith to the Chicago Cubs for infielder/outfielder, José Vizcaino on March 30, 1994.I felt bad for Anthony Young. He was possibly the most hard luck pitchers in Mets infamy who set a record in futility with over ten consecutive loses in a season.New York Mets traded minor league pitcher Steve Long to the Florida Marlins for pitcher, Robert Person on March 30, 1994.New York Mets traded the now famous Endy Chavez to the Kansas City Royals for outfielder, Mike Curry on March 30, 2001.New York Mets claimed back up infielder, Wilson Valdez on waivers from the Chicago White Sox on March 30, 2005.New York Mets signed free agent Ken Takahashi on March 30, 2009. He pitched well in his brief time with the Mets. But some how Jerry would always leave him in against left handed hitters that would crush him.And don't forget while we wait with baited breath if Jose Reyes will be ready for Opening Day, There are just 6 Wally Backman days until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.