After seeing yesterdays footage from Mets camp on S.N.Y yesterday, I can finally say that I am psyched that spring training is just a day away. Seeing Jose Reyes running without any noticeable limp also helped squelch my pessimism for the meantime. But it is funny, I was watching Ultimets Classics on S.N.Y. yesterday evening where they were showing Johan's three hit shutout against the Florida Marlins on the second to last day of the '08 season, and it occured to me. This team needs to find their inner bulldog !! They need that fire to comeback when they are down by two in the bottom of the ninth with men on base ! They need to step on the necks of their opponents ! They have to show fight - And instead of the front office trotting out some Madison Avenue Advertising hacks slogans about " believing in comebacks" - THEY INSTEAD NEED TO BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES !!!I can give three examples of this from the last three seasons.First is the John Maine one hit shutout from '07 ( I was there) . John Maine pitched possibly the finest game of his career limiting the Marlins to one no runs on one hit over eight innings. The Mets bats were pummeling the Marlins pitchers, and the Mets swagger was in evidence by the brawl that ensued between both benches after Jose Reyes decked Miguel Olivo. Yes they were knocked out of playoff contention the next day but the electricity that team showed was amazing!The second game was the aforementioned Johan game from '09 ( I was there too). Here was Johan- our ace pitching on three days rest with a bad knee, single handedly shutting down the Marlins to keep our dreams of getting into the post season alive. I hadn't felt that kind of electricity at Shea since game 6 of the '06 NLCS !The third example comes from last season in that memorable game against the Boston Red Sox   ( I wasn't there)where Omir Santos took Boston's dominant reliever - Jonathan Papelbon deep . As we all know it was originally called a double but overturned on challenge. I know for a fact that my heart I was on edge waiting for the umpires to review the tape, and when they ruled in the Mets favor I - as all the Mets and Mets fans let out a collective sigh of relief - then celebrated because that was the runs that helped us win the game ! Honorable mention goes out to Nelson Figueroa for pitching the game of his life on the last game of the season.But a few random games does not mean this team has the fire to win. They need not be complacent. they have to have that fire in their bellies, THEY TRULEY NEED TO BELIEVE IN COMEBACKS !!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                           " The 2010 Mets need to find their inner bulldog !!"And with that said ... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!Happy Birthday wishes go out to man who was the first starting pitcher in Mets history - Roger Craig (1931). Roger was a star pitcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers during their '50's heyday, but once he came to the Mets he like Anthony Young , couldn't win a game to save his life. He was good enough to lose ( having poor defense around you will do that). Later on he became a successful pitching coach and later on manager with the San Francisco Giants. He is also credited as being the father of the split fingered fastball.Middle reliever from the '05 team - Juan Padilla is 33 (1977) .Sadly on this date in 1986 former Mets pitching coach coach Red Ruffing passed away.Chicago Cubs signed outfielder, Jerry Morales of the New York Mets as a free agent on February 17, 1981. I don't know why I liked Jerry - he was your average Mets scrub but for some reason I rooted hard for him as a kid.And just remember - there are only 47 days until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.