Last night I watched Kevin Burkhardt's interview with Omar Minaya and needless to say I came away with it being unimpressed. I found Omar to be in spin mode , parroting the company line on everything from him having total autonomy ", why the starting rotation has not been upgraded and my favorite - why Gary Matthews Jr. will be a capable replacement for the injured Carlos Beltran. There is one thing that I liked that Omar said , which was about giving the younger players a chance - which is something that the Mets have failed to do for the past few season, with the exception of Mike Pelfrey Nick Evans and Daniel Murphy. I would love to see Josh Thole, Ike Davis and Jonathan Niese make the team this season, but I feel that aside from Niese who is still rehabbing from a hamstring injury, they should spend the entire year at AAA Buffalo to gain more experience and seasoning. But this is what frustrates me about Omar and the Mets is the fact that here we have Chris Carter, who has been a proven power threat his entire minor league career, and should be allowed to compete for the platoon spot at first base or as a reserve outfielder, and what do they do? The sign Fernado Tatis ! Don't get me wrong , I have much love for Fernando - but lets call a spade a spade here. He is on the wrong side of thirty, he was a double play threat for the majority of last season, and he is a better reserve outfielder, back up third-baseman that first baseman. I feel that if given a chance, Carter could prove to be a pleasant surprise in a lineup that sans Beltran is starved for power ( yes we got Jason Bay , but who will protect him in the lineup ?) plus he would be that home run threat coming off the bench that we are looking for. I feel that if Carter shows that he can play in the big leagues he can be flipped next off-season for a pitcher, or whatever hole that needs to be filled since Ike Davis is expected to be penciled in at first in '11. But as usual the Mets in my opinion didn't try to work outside of the box and Carter's will languish yet another season in the minors . Give the kid a chance !!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  '"   Hey Omar - Not only is a he a 10 at   2 A.M, But he can play first base too !!"And with that said ... ON WITH THE INFAMY !!!I would like to wish utility infielder for the '78 - '79 campaign - Sergio Ferrer (1951) a very Happy Birthday. Ferrer is one of the few players to be involved in direct trades between the Mets and the New York Yankees. His tenure was short and far from illustrious , batting a combined .225 in two season for the Mets.Outfielder from the '96 team - Kevin Roberson is 42 (1968) . Does anyone remember Kevin ? Because I sure as hell  do not !!New York Mets signed outfielder, free agent ( and Yankee scum!) Shane Spencer on January 29, 2004. Shane will forever be known for brawling (along with his partner in Yankee crime Karim Garcia) with a Port St. Luicie pizza deliver-man after the days workouts had ended.And don't forget while you are trying to figure out what strategy the Mets are using this hot stove season - Don't forget there are only 66 days until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.